Grab a chair,
let’s have a talk,
confront my ego
one on one.

It grabs a smoke
asks for a drink,
then stared at me
eyes did not blink.

I looked right back
straight in the eye,
then smiled so bright
disarmed all fights.

“What do you want?”
Ego’s first words,
so strong and bold
self held control.

I said with ease,
“Let’s call a truce,
let’s work as one,
share balanced views.
I know you’re scared
way deep inside,
both fear and grief
make self-doubt ​hide.
You protect me,
supply my pride,
yet I’m your key
and purest guide.”

Ego replies,
so slick and sly,
” You’re my ally,
do not judge me,
within my eyes
lives all you see.
You’re in my chest,
speaking my truth,
giving me rest,
easing my blues.
You’re in my smile
and in my charm,
you give me warmth
keep me from harm.”

A blurry mirror
then showed me,
the ego side
I failed to see.

To accept it
set us both free,
to love ourselves
through all degrees.

United to find harmony
and figure out how to agree.
We slowly built comradery
resolving conflicts peacefully.

Knowing our capabilities,
we partnered up infinitely.

Loving ourselves entirely,
helps us spread more love outwardly.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. Wow😯
    I’m short of words. This is fantastic! I kept looking for the line to call my best but no, there was none. Every line remained outstandingly beautiful. One of the most thrilling pieces I have read here, Grace. More ink to your pen!

  2. Wow Grace, I absolutely love this! Such a unique and original poem, beautifully weaved!! The rhyming and all the thoughtful details truly bring this piece to life! Another gem from the amazing Grace!!!! Just superb, my friend 🖤🤗

  3. A well thought poem, Grace! Another marvel!! Internal communication is as important as external one. Loved it 😊 💐

  4. Good work! I was just only thinking of a poem with ego. This is such a interesting take. It’s so cool how if we all used the same thoughts or ideas we would all come up with something entirely unique to us. I love how you wrote this!

    1. Thrilled to hear you liked it. Thanks so much. I agree, at different times we can write on subjects we have written on before with different takes too. It’s interesting.❤️

      1. Yeah, that too. Guess that’s why we can have a billion poems about love. Always something new to say or a different angle to look at something. Love your thoughts! 🙂

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