Crimson skies report a threat,
nature will collect all debts.
Smokey clouds appear upset,
warnings came but reached neglect.

Everyone could have done more,
but instead chose to ignore.
If they knew what was in store,
would they listen to their core?

Now the future stands in place,
regrets and shame interlace,
Conservation soon embraced,
so mistakes can be erased.

Present times form future news,
try hard to preserve bright views.
Can we refrain from abuse,
learn to live without misuse?

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What Do You See # 178 March 20, 2023


Mesmerize with every beat,
music moves down naked feet,
rises up to then repeat,
bellydance feels so complete.

Sway hips smoothly, side to side,
expose thoughts kept deep inside.
Pretty veils, expressive eyes,
feeling free, no need to hide.

Thrilling sparks flow through snake arms,
revealing distinctive charm.
Hypnotize to then disarm,
silently without alarm.

Shimmy fast, then lift and drop.
Chest circles and belly pops.
Always dance, no need to stop.
keep all joys listed on top.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on July 1, 2021


A jaded heart,
holds endless fears,
breaks dreams apart,
swallows scared tears

A weary mind,
could hardly trust,
great doubts assigned,
dreams turn to rust.

A worn out view,
shackles pure faith,
days become blue,
smudged thoughts debate.

A clear outlook,
may change a life,
removes large hooks,
that carry strife.

A change of pace,
positive comes,
concerns erase,
confidence drums.

A new insight,
enhances scope,
carries bright light,
offers real hope.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Seven Rays

Red brings passion, excites life,
carries some unwanted strife.
Known to ignite inner thrive,
gifts of strength and endless drive.

Orange keeps zest on it’s toes,
turns each dream into a goal.
Fills up all ambition holes,
allows zeal to take control.

Yellow is the brightest ray,
guides the heart to paint each day,
lighten dark thoughts, shades of gray,
dissolves profound fears away.

Green appears with a playlist,
smooth force so hard to resist,
fills the soul with a pure kiss,
allows thoughts to co-exist.

Blue arrives with beads of sweat,
hard at work with no regret.
Repays each and every debt,
gives to all, till nothings left.

Pink is pretty, also shy,
blushes if stared in the eyes,
connection can make bonds fly,
veiled deceits can reach the sky.

Purple holds a sense that knows,
forms confidence, lets it grow.
Swims inside until poise shows,
makes certainty overflow.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Crack the solid door,
so eyes can explore,
a little bit more,
of realities core.

A peek into life,
complex to describe,
a perfect divine,
intricate design.

Abyss is not there,
yet flows through the air,
a mystical flare,
forever so rare.

Cascades of bright sparks
that glow in the dark,
create a bold mark,
endless work of art.

Shifts views that exhale,
spirits taking sail,
no soul falls or fails,
pure peace is inhaled.

Clear thoughts can then form,
what life will perform,
eases every storm,
true nature feels warm.

– Grace Y. Estevez – reddy

Originally Published November 15, 2021

Feathered Friend

Red cardinal,
spiritual sign.
simply divine.

Sorrows arise,
then disappear.
All sadness dies,
when you fly near.

Symbol of hope,
peace, and good luck.
Infinite scope,
no longer stuck.

Red cardinal,
love messenger.
heartfelt singer.

Fierce atitude,
intentions heard.
Great gratitude ,
for this sweet bird.

Sent from above,
blissful and bright.
A gift of love,
brings pure delight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Inner Journey

At times he closes both his eyes
holds his breath in, so thoughts can fly,
tries hard to dominate his mind,
but memories linger behind.

In crowds, but always feels alone,
dubious when kind acts are shown.
Expects sincere hearts to be blown,
loud inner doubts is all he knows.

Decisions lead to great regret,
throws his hands up, tries to forget.
Each endless day always resets,
brightens the view as life offsets.

Grasps inner strength so turmoil goes,
inhales pure peace, feel as it flows.
He swallows time, to take life slow,
appreciation swiftly grows.

Past lessons guide and pave the way,
his heart beats to words wise chants say.
He now sees life as a grand play,
savors moments so visions stay.

Holds everyday, lets go each night,
stays positive, expands insight.
Searches within to find warm light,
shares it with all so joys shine bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #134 – March 14, 2023
Prompt – Dubious


An angel whispered in my ear,
sang serene songs that released tears.
He shined light on my atmosphere,
gently taught me to ease all fears.

This angel made pure peace adhere,
he took my hand and pulled me near.
Shifted my gears, made my views clear,
kissed my forehead then disappeared.

I felt alone also afraid,
my angel left, his love betrayed.
He grabbed my heart, used it to play,
all sadness grew, my grief was weighed.

The sunny light transformed to shade,
fell on my knees, silently prayed.
How could divine love slip away?
Why does true joy refuse to stay?

His bright presence soon re appeared,
he sang his song, I danced and cheered.
Warmth cut my sorrows like sharp shears,
enhanced my life, my steps he steered.

Soft lingered song felt so sincere,
he volunteered to guide my years.
Instant relief, love persevered,
forever pure, profound and dear.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Statements of Love

Love is patient also kind,
but can play with trusting minds.
If perceived plastic or fake
quickly crumbles, falls, then breaks.

Does not envy or boast proud,
but can make hearts walk on clouds.
Fantasy can blind bright eyes,
illusions turn into sighs.

Not self-seeking, never rude,
but can ferment once it’s brewed.
Grows and spreads from a small crumb,
at times makes logic feel dumb.

Hardly angered, clears mistakes,
but can soar once it awakes.
Shatters molds to gain control,
lays dormant in every soul.

Repels evil, revels truth
but can also heal and soothe.
Blankets sorrows with great warmth,
prepares views so joys set forth.

Divine and one of a kind,
always perfectly designed.
Often chased and sought by all,
appears when no longer called.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #177 March 13, 2023


Enter a dance,
a hidden trance,
burns through my stance,
knots form romance.

A touch so deep
instantly seeps.
Float to then leap,
finally reap.

Peels through my skin,
clears every sin.
At last, a win,
infinite spin.

No longer wrong,
always belong.
Love soars so strong,
whispers a song.

Forbidden clues
led to grand views,
carried peace too,
daydreams came true.

Unfold warm wings
soul pulls heartstrings,
together cling
as one we fling.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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