Orange Core

Orange is splendid
Radiantly divine
Advance extended
Naturally kind
Expert by design

Brilliantly climbing
Ladders to the sky
Outwardly shining
Social butterfly
Sharply refining
Outgoing to try
Motives are rising
Spirit flying high

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Given a life full
of luxuries,
she wonders who’s out
to gain a piece.
Searching for some truth
in eyes she sees,
picking few true hearts
that care for free.

Inner fires seem
to all burnout.
No desires, good days
are laced with doubt.
A supplier that pays,
filling all droughts.
Feel required to raise
every account.

Suspicion and ease
settle inside.
Permission for peace
enters her mind.
Condition to please,
finally hide.
Petition to breathe,
tensions subside.

Release bound fables,
and inner pleas.
Looks around,
able to help and see.
Joy is found, stable,
creating keys.
Cutting proud labels,
sets her heart free.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Red Passion

Persistent energy
Always assured
Slithering synergy
Sensual lure
Imposing reverie
Oppression cure
Nostalgic memory
Attracting allure
Thinking so cleverly
Enthralling tour

Red flows passionately
Exciting core
Dancing infinitely
Steaming each pore

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Lost and Found

Wrapped in sorrows,
few words spoken.
Saddened stale years
served as tokens.

Sweetest gestures,
strung love along.
Flung wicked words
forever strong.

Listened to lies,
new ones each day.
Danced in spotlights
as anguish played.

Spewed blank phrases
no conviction.
Blown air kisses,

Captured tears bring
formed addictions.

Standing prepared,
fully withdrawn.
Making this time,
the final straw.

Feeling ready
to let this go.
Slowly sculpting,
a grand plateau.

Glimmering eyes,
smiling so bright.
Inner hues shine,
new found delight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Yellow Light

Youthful hue
Evolving sight
Lovely view
Lights up quite bright
With eyes on you
Endless force
Radiates truth

Love and light
nfinite shine
lows ignite
eart beats divine
ranscends time
mpressive shrine
ature’s prime
rows and defines

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I empathize with empaths,
that are often left alone.
Alone with every feeling,
retrieved from compassion shown.

I sympathize with empaths,
who offer their beating hearts.
Hearts that become fragile,
as tears cascade and depart.

I specify that empaths,
can not help but give their all.
All their love and so much more,
cushioning a strangers fall.

I clarify that empaths,
did not ask to bear such gifts.
Gifts of sensitivity,
forcing sad emotion shifts.

I emphasize that empaths,
carry inner love and light.
Light expends silent kindness,
while remaining ever bright.

I recognize that empaths,
may not know how much they give.
Give without a care or want,
is the life most choose to live.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Love song

A nightingale
sings his songs of light,
serenading tales,
navigate her flight.

She feels his rhythm
synch to her heartbeat,
savory serum
makes her trip complete.

His lingering tone
always guides her home.
Never left alone,
even while she roams.

One darkened evening
as nerves shook and swayed,
his voice was leaving
deepest fears displayed.

How could she ever
fly a path so dim?
She let love drive her,
straight back home to him.

Rewinding his thoughts
reviewing her face,
a true lesson taught
one filled with pure grace.

Quickly embracing
then snuggling tight,
slowly exchanging
stories from that night.

“My ears could not hear,
my soul felt you near,
your song disappeared,
my path became clear,
I charged in full gear,
used love as a steer,
removed every fear,
instantly appeared.”

Happily relieved,
his full voice regained.
Their vibrations weaved
their love song retained.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Accepting you
I gain myself,
reflections teach
us to impel.

Eight billion hearts
can beat as one,
the rising Sun.

All eyes that see
have different views,
impress true self,
so guilts remove.

Empathy tugs,
though always there,
a vacant stare.

Give what I can,
then help some more,
not for a pat,
or to gain scores.

Do it for one
as much as two,
every smile spreads
positive hues.

Feel ever blessed
for being kind,
shut both my lips,
open my mind.

Do not condemn
those still in queue,
within their path
they will find truth.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Words that swim around his head,
make him drown in them instead.
Steal his voice, his feelings tread,
remarks tiptoe on a thread.

Convey his thoughts deep inside,
blabbing what he wants to hide.
Caution must be well applied,
felt emotions smoothly guide.

Words that fly over his head
do not land, instantly dead.
Tried to crack behaviors read,
analyzed each phrase once said.

Dictating the things he hears,
break and conquer all his fears,
sad or happy stream of tears,
whisper softly in his ear.

Words that live inside his heart,
made to always feel so smart,
transform into works of art,
always set themselves apart.

They can get him to believe,
that same power could deceive.
Building what he will perceive,
help him gain all goals achieved.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A sip of coffee with sweet foam
brings me to my childhood home.
Scents and flavors interweave
playful thoughts kept me naive.

Mystical nights on the phone,
magical days of unknowns,
chose pretend and make-believe,
painted world my eyes conceived.

A gulp of water twist of lime,
brings me back to present times,
offering all I can give,
forming the life I will live.

Obtain all the goals I crave,
heartbeats strong, feeling so brave,
knowing all actions I see,
are directed back to me.

A guzzle of pure love and light
transports me to a bright sight.
Sparkles twinkle on my face,
formless body kissed with grace.

All good things will follow through,
build the stories pick and choose,
ask a question, build a view,
then examine what I drew.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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