I want to be the all,
bringing in success.
Want to be the night,
give you needed rest.

I want to be the sun,
making all things bright.
Want to erase wrongs,
give you all the rights.

I want to be the hope,
fighting off your screams.
Want to show you truth,
give you a belief

I want to be your trust,
opening your cage.
Want to heal your heart.
give you a new page.

I want to be your light,
kissing at your face.
Want to clear your mind,
give you new found faith.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A promise or bond,
should never be broken
As words that are said,
can not be unspoken.
Be careful with words,

that escape from your mouth.
They could stick like glue,
and fill others with doubt.
The right choice of words,

can make someone love you.
Contrary to this,
the wrong ones can undo.

As people observe,
choosing what they believe.
A close witnessed scene,
can no longer deceive.
When trusting your eyes,

to lead you towards truth.
Perceive with all senses,
and stumble on proof.
Start clearing your mind,

changing your point of view.
While looking around,
choose the path made by you.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Your weapon of choice,
formed by your harsh tongue.
The most hurtful shots,
fly straight through my lungs.

Leaving me breathless,
shakes me to my core.
Dismiss my emotions,
by slamming their doors.

Your ego so strong,
it eats at my soul.
I try to hold on,
but give up control.

My mind is all bruised,
along with my heart.
Too strong to let go,
too weak to depart.

Alone in the cold,
no where else to be.
No money for food,
afraid of the streets.

Fearful to go home,
I already left.
Slowly walking back,
with stones in my chest.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A wise woman I knew,
never could read a book,
she cared for the chickens,
sang and danced as she cooked.

She could make sweet candy,
curdling milk with some lime,
adding sugar to this,
making it taste sublime.

Building her own fine house,
out of mortar and bricks,
then she mopped it inside,
with a rag and a stick.

Not relying on clocks,
when predicting the time,
but instead looked outside,
noticing the sunshine.

Quickly sniffing the air,
smelling visits from rain,
Once or twice she saved lives,
and could cure any pain.

Though her eyes could not read,
through her mind she could see,
all the kindest full hearts,
and the greatest of thieves.

Brilliant mind like no other,
a grand tie made us friends,
instant bonds have no start,
never seeing an end.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Do you understand what I try to say?
Exhale words in air, hoping they can stay?

Question what is true, searching for what’s real,
letting others know, how and why I feel.
I create my world, all the rest is fake,
like a plastic doll, swimming in a lake.
Give reasons a twirl, always spins right back,
pointing straight at me, my own harsh attack

Do you understand how life is a game?
Does it all evolve, does it stay the same?

I could see the game, shining in my eyes,
nothing hurts too deep, everything’s a sigh.
Laugh and look around, this game is absurd,
synchronize my heart, to all sounds unheard.
Grasping hard to hope, everything is fine,
building different views, making them all mine.

Do you understand we create delight?
Can we make our light, and control how bright?

I can see my thoughts, in and throughout life.
I can close my door, I cause all my strife.
I can see the shine, glisten more with time.
I can see the dark, when I blink my eyes.
I can blink again, blinking once or twice,
turn my views around, everything is nice

– Grace Y. Estevez

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