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The front doorbell rings,
my heart skips and springs,
sixth sense leaps then flings,
pure excitement sings.

I open the door,
nothing to explore,
then look at the floor,
feel chills touch my core.

Found an envelope,
instructions to cope,
instantly felt hope,
extended my scope.

It taught me the way,
to brighten my days,
keep ego at bay,
so happiness stays.

Never knew from who,
this message came through,
it changed my old views,
made me feel brand new.

Flew in like a dove,
straight from up above,
gave a gentle shove,
filled me up with love.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for RXC PROMPT #243 hosted by Reena

PromptSituation 2
The doorbell rings and your character answers it – finding nothing but an envelope with nothing on it. They open it and follow the instructions.


A little girl got her first shoes,
opened the bag but felt confused.
She wished for ones like her mother’s,
but got ones worn by her brother.

Tough little girl as strong as nails,
had a strong will and dreams that scaled.
she often played outside with kids,
but could not run since her shoes slid.

This little girl, she had no clue,
her innocence hid what was true,
she lived within a paradigm,
people in need were seen as grime.

The little girl became so wise,
took every chance, studied design,
she grew up strong created plans,
to help herself and give a hand.

Bright little girl worked hard to share,
inside she always seemed to care.
Built charities at her own cost,
contributed silent support.

That little girl grew up concerned,
promised herself she would return.
Providing shoes, one of her deeds,
so kids could run, hope, and exceed.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


The midnight blue sky,
opens a lit eye.
Bright mystical hues,
provides a clear view.

Moonbeams fill my soul,
so that I feel whole.
Together we shine,
our spirits combine.

Glitz captivates me,
to set senses free.
Clouds make us both blink,
I stare as you wink.

Guides from up above,
offer divine love.
As hopes become true,
I whisper “Thank you.”

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – August 9, 2022
Prompt – Captivating


Stardust twirls around.
Dance upon the moonlit sky.
Nature wears a crown.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Feel so flushed also displaced,
loose control of my own space,
slowly shift, balance my weight.
hear all emotions debate.

My face falls fast on the ground,
nervously I look around,
can not help but to stare down,
anxious smile becomes a frown.

So embarrassed, forced to see,
what your mind must think of me,
look at you to quickly find,
all the doubts I hold inside.

The floor turns into quicksand,
suddenly notice your hand,
showing me you understand,
ease my tremble, love expands.

Sweat beads swiftly spread throughout,
water moistens my dry mouth.
Inner strength appears to sprout,
confidence chases all doubts.

Stable forces grasp my feet,
with no room left for defeat.
Stand so solid on concrete,
self assured, whole and complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Cycle on this busy day,
so much work, no time for play.
A quick stop without delay,
run errands while on my way.

Park the bike, notice display,
silently stare and survey,
swallow details in dismay,
absorb joyful times today.

Know that all will be okay,
hope this feeling always stays.
Solid bonds will never sway,
signs appear where pure hearts lay.

Close both eyes, enjoy sun rays,
let bright thoughts chase off the grays.
Tinted laughs never decay,
memories of yesterday.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #146 August 08, 2022

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