Presenting a world made of sweetness for you
wide gummy fruit streets, with taffy path chews

Confection sprinkles make rainfalls that twinkle
now open your mouth, feel taste buds tingle

A bubble gum home, built with tall pixie straws
the giant sofa, a sponged glazed bear claw

A king sized bed made of chocolate fudge bars,
caramel sheets wrap dreams of toffee sparks.

Soft marshmallow pillows to comfort your head,
fresh fluffy mattress, baked banana bread.

Powdered sugar dust will permeate the air,
candy coated thoughts leave hues everywhere.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Rushing takes too long.
Stillness allows full focus.
Time is on my side.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Mauve colored filled dreams
haunt my distant mind,
soothing the pressures
encaged deep inside

Lavender flowers
hold lilac bouquets,
tied intricate knot
secures this display

Iris enhancements,
perfumed by your hues.
Purple winged angel,
garland made for you

Free amethyst thoughts
that shine in the sky,
in my heart you lay,
reading with my eyes

Magenta now leads,
with no lie unseen.
At peace with knowing
you live within me

– Grace Y. Estevez


Make me a lighthouse
that brightens all paths.
Make me a beacon,
igniting a flash

Fill me with a beam
held within my eyes.
Fill me with wisdom
as my words comprise.

Stars are my siblings,
that twinkle with thoughts.
Shining light brightly,
so nights are adorned.

Mold me like the sun
that gleams everyday.
Mold me like the sea,
with powerful waves.

Leave me as I am,
my soul always clear.
Leave me self assured
with your presence here

– Grace Y. Estevez


What can I do to show that I care?
What can I do with hands that are bare?
Witness your hidden struggles each day.
Awaken guilt since I am okay.

What can I do to provide a gain?
What can I do to alleviate strain?
Assist with your load, help lug the weight.
Embrace your burdens, forcing a sway.

What can I do to fix your puzzles?
What can I do to relieve troubles?
Devour the peel then feed you the fruit.
Give you sweet juice, while mine I dilute.

What can I do to numb you of pain?
What can I do so blessings can rain?
Comfort you softly with soothing words.
Recite wise tales from lessons learned.

What can I do to dress our table?
What can I do to make us stable?
Patiently hope and do all I can.
Hold your fine hand, together we stand.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Good morning sunshine.
The day flew by, yet again.
Sleep with the angels.

– Grace Y. Estevez


The jealous are unfortunate,
living a life without purpose.
Instead foreign accomplishments
become their source of great distress

Longing for someone else to fall,
transforms owned steps into a crawl.
When never choosing to look straight,
massive brick walls can self-create

Energy aimed on someone else
is best when placed upon oneself.
Staring inside a troubled mind,
as dimmed darkness tumbles behind

Building a new world of comforts
while satisfying one’s own thirst.
Forming a bridge towards ample wealth,
still manifesting vigorous health

Brightening up a dampened soul,
gifting it with owned self-control.
Speaking frankly with inner-self,
feeling more pride, loving ourselves

– Grace Y. Estevez

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