flew away,
no delay,
could not stay

all will show,
never know,
what will flow?

But today,
balanced gray,
all okay

Past moments,
were all spent,
with resents,
to lament.

Future times,
can sometimes,
bring in climbs,
made sublime.

Present vows,
can allow,
you to bow,
in the now

Live your best,
pass all tests,
as a guest,
in this quest.

– Grace Y. Estevez

Inner love

A lonely dove
looking for love,
took a short break
for her own sake

She looked inside
and found some pride,
feeling a shove
she flew above.

She felt awake
finding a lake,
her wings were wide,
oh, what a ride!

She saw her form
and felt so warm,
her glide was fast
in love at last.

Attention came,
found her twin flame,
flew by her side
their hearts now tied.

She did not ask
but found her task,
true love within
always brings wins

– Grace Y. Estevez


Eyes full of wonder.
Build different realities,
day in and day out.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Complete acceptance is
a tough pill to swallow,
but once it is taken
it helps dissolve sorrows.

To truly surrender
is a difficult deed,
letting go of control
watering planted seeds.

A secured self-esteem
is a slippery slope,
to balance the ego
provides inner hope.

The fruits from all labor
presents life with awards,
Self-work and improvements
offer greater rewards.

Outer viewed projections,
emerge from deep within.
Reflected perceived views,
can shed light on false wins.

Looking into the mind
could empower all dreams,
acknowledge the power
let it flow like a stream

– Grace Y. Estevez


Progress can take time.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Slowly but surely.

– Grace Y. Estevez


I jumped through hoops,
and skinned my knees,
in hopes that you
would notice me

Erased my thoughts,
always agreed,
and prayed that you
would care for me.

I changed my style
and how I speak,
hoping that you
start loving me.

You then approved,
and filled with glee,
not knowing you
did not know me.

Until one day,
I set you free,
returning back
to find true me.

On that same day,
I let you see,
the shine that glowed
inside real me.

We then embraced,
our destiny,
and formed a life
for you and me.

Acceptance for
being unique,
allowed us both
to be happy

– Grace Y. Estevez


Unwanted guest
that stood too long,
was here to steal
his favorite song

It took his strength,
and then his hair,
he kept his smile
and rocked his chair.

It took his pride,
and made him shake,
he kept his wink,
and did not break.

It took his size,
and then his mind,
he kept his heart
and was still kind.

It took his hopes,
and then his life,
he kept his soul
and it survived.

He learned to sing
his greatest song,
it lives in him
where it belong

– Grace Y. Estevez

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