Your eyes wear a smile,
quite contagious and sincere.
My smiling eyes, laugh.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Simulation, tale or dream,
all together hear a scream.
What is real? and would we know?
If it landed on our nose?

If eyes could see all that’s there,
would we dare? or even care?
Formed realities are touched,
fabricated, to feel rough!

It will seem to feel quite tough,
yet transforms to smoky puffs.
Will true knowledge be exposed?
Can we open eyes that closed?

Meditate, inhaling peace,
with intentions underneath.
Will we ever gain control?
Can we clear our tainted soul?

Can we swim free in the breeze?
Will we embrace unity?
Second chances turn the key,
liberates humanity.

One encounter at a time,
free all thoughts to ease the mind.
Simple measures all can find,
answers transform dark to kind.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Endless carrot chase.
An alluring deception.
Stop playing their game.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Floating Dreams

Saddle on an ocean wave,
ride it till we fly away.
Pages turn by blowing wind,
bright stars shield our shiny skin.

Crescent moon as a pillow,
bask in dreams of love we know.
Build a fort, high in the air,
balanced breezes make breaths fair.

Listen to a singing rose,
angel kisses on our nose,
vibrant rainbows paint bright views,
endless sky in shades of blue.

Break of dawn, lets blow a wish,
sunrise will let hopes flourish.
A closed portal day and night,
protecting euphoric light.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Euphoric daydreams.
A consistent excitement,
keeps climbing with thoughts.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Endless spark made of bright light,
builds a universal wonder.
In the dark two hearts unite,
quickly crash to form loud thunder.

An abyss is painted blue,
puffy hazed hues of white oils.
Fresh rain waters create dew,
moistening embedded soil.

Cut a bouquet of fluffed clouds,
spring it up to sketch a view.
Floating still to watch for sounds,
in this world, a finger drew.

Hearts that glow like fireflies,
form an eclipse on the sea,
their pure wishes soon arise,
shimmering and flying free.

Rays of shiny illusions,
tightly wrap the beaming sun,
an energy infusion,
balances where it begun.

Sprinkled warmth covers each soul,
ever ready to embark,
physical appears as whole,
always guided by a spark.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Life is a masked ball,
a disguise for cheats.
Costumes always fall,
exposing concrete.

Some will want no end
to their masquerade,
comforts play pretend
truth makes them afraid.

I too was a clown,
living in a lie,
till I heard the sounds,
of my heartbeats cry.

I made my life real
facing all I knew,
I then learned to feel
clearing all my views.

Push all masks aside
unveil a new life,
the soul will then guide,
shielding every strife.

Laughs will sound sincere,
all smiles become pure,
joy also appears,
once pretend is cured.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Deadliest of daggers,
thrown up in the air.
I watch as it staggers,
but I do not care.

My armored torn heart
wears a solid cape.
Always to outsmart,
while keeping its shape.

I watch all thrown things,
see from whom they come.
Energies can cling
if all hopes succumb.

Intense evil eyes
can never touch me.
My soul is too wise,
choosing what it sees.

Intentions will bring
what people allow,
but they can not sting,
when they’re forced to bow.

Emotions will cave in,
for ones carrying love.
Those hiding hate within,
are hugged with vinyl gloves.

Daggers may be launched,
but only to cause sways.
Negative is scorched,
to dissolve away.

I always accept
pure positive light.
All intentions kept
radiate quite bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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