I walk around
with one blind eye,
to never see
what others hide

The other eye
is kept open,
noticing views
gone unnoticed.

I ask myself,
which is worth more?
was always good
at keeping score.

The opened eye
sees everything,
get what you give,
knows every string.

Mystical force
living within,
shines with pure hope
curing dark sins.

The blinded eye
does just as well,
by focusing
solely on self

Not known to sway
or look aware,
a simple stare
releases care.

The two combined
forever great,
pushed together
emitting strength.

Seeing through both
at the same time,
unlocks hinges
removes all grime

As all new views,
acquire shine.
Gained power flows,
within the mind.

– Grace Y. Estevez

The Evolving Soul

Change flies in like a flutter of birds
Suddenly I am at a loss for words
Becoming in tune with my soul’s ocean
Waves gift me with ever-changing emotion

Close my eyes to absorb what I feel
Butterflies chime as I start to heal
My mind decides on which way to go
My soul quietly chants “Go with the flow”

Seeing this dream through my newer eyes
The little me seeks attention, it cries
Its dying embers are lies, I start to recognize
So, instead I ascend, instead I rise

My heart starts to fly, I am one with the sky
I feel my soul rise as I wave a goodbye
The new me is born as the old is now gone
Farewell to my past, it was not meant to last

Hello to my now, my Universe takes a bow
Change is my friend, loving me till the end
Unclasp my hands, give my new life a chance
Lead with steady feet and eternally dance

Grace + Ace


Your fingers strum my feelings,
pressing down like piano keys,
every note forms a new tune
stroking thoughtless melodies

Your mind an endless chess game,
strategizing every move,
fumbling through my deep thoughts,
provokes me to self-improve.

Your chest is my soft pillow
that provides protective warmth,
safety shield that offers peace,
molding my dreams as they form.

Your words all sound like music,
offer my ears sheer delight,
lyrics make my spirit wander,
unmask my eyes to insight.

My dull heart reaches the sky
while engaging with your soul,
floating swiftly like paired hawks,
for the first time feeling whole.

Our wants forever fulfilled,
a deep love that never hides,
Co-creating fated futures,
where our lives can coincide

– Grace Y. Estevez

Grandma’s Kitchen

So very far away,
stood a rustic old cafe,
essence made up of fine silk,
felt like warm cookies and milk.

Tables all covered in lace
filling up this fun-filled place,
people gathered up in crowds,
telling jokes and laughing loud.

Magic dust swept through the air,
lifting all unwanted cares,
every lost was at last found,
happiness flew all around.

Good times never seemed to cease,
spreading a love-filled disease.
while confessions snuggled safe
sheltered in this worn cafe.

Many spent wonderful years
leaving no sins left to clear,
carried this favorite spot
as a dot within their heart.

Happy thoughts forever near,
safety shield from any fear.
Memories that act as guides,
lock them up way deep inside.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A single tear
wanders a path,
sorrows get cleared
releasing bath

Slowly strolling,
down her left cheek.,
her mind ponders
answers she seeks

The lonely tear
reaches her chin,
captures her fears
staining her skin

It takes a bow

then jumps and skips,
flying straight down
decides to dip

Her answers come,
one at a time.
Her heart then hums
to inner chime

One tear runs dry,
at last, released,
without a cry
instantly eased

– Grace Y. Estevez

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