Winter glows,
with frosty snow.
Cold breeze blows,
a peaceful flow.
Tensions go,
as cuddles grow.
Hearts expose,
pretty bright bows.

Spring time booms,
clears away gloom.
Flowers bloom,
wearing perfume.
Natures womb,
helps mouths consume.
Brightness zooms,
gardens are groomed.

Summer fun,
good times begun.
Sandy runs.
sea salt filled lungs,
Water guns,
vibrant warm sun.
Joys are spun,
for everyone.

Fall arrives,
cool rain derives.
Autumn drives,
leaves take a dive.
Winds fly dry,
colors survive.
Earth tones thrive,
views come alive.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Breathe peace with me,
as our hearts beat,
our love flies free,
sacred paths meet.
Great hopes to share
all I have learned,
clear from all fears
or drawn concerns.

Know you can reach
all goals when set,
when insecure,
then give your best.
If when time rings,
plans do not come,
life surely brings,
some better ones.

My precious child,
beautiful pearl,
so warm and mild,
you are my world.
Inhale all views,
to understand,
gain comes through truths,
without demands.

Gifts from above,
rests within you,
drink from pure love,
then share it too.
Refill your fuel,
it goes both ways,
if mutual,
love never sways.

Take sound advice
from proven hands,
thoughts that are wise
rarely command,
avoid debates,
self resonate,
open the gate,
to a bright fate.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #152 September 19 , 2022

Mending( Published at The Writers Club)

Deep pain dissolve as tears are shed,
holding them in, creates pure dread,
lingered feelings, grasp to then spread,
depression comes to kill hopes dead.

Anxious thoughts hit, no where to hide,
feel such a hallow pain inside,
so overwhelming, all peace dies,
so hard to swallow, lips chap dry.

Encaged body, feels so alone,
motive is lost, feet turn to stone,
social dependence live in phones,
everyone cares, love goes unknown.

Shed salty tears, sweet ones appear,
cries become laughs, bright essence nears,
kiss on the face dissolves all fears,
“Stay in the present”, sounds so clear.

“One day at a time” ships yesterday,
each passing step brings better ways,
tomorrow is here, bliss starts today,
joy is a choice, without delays.

Confidence comes to peel off masks,
heals emotions, eases all tasks.
Self assurance will rarely ask,
instead feels calm enough to bask.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on August 9, 2021

I am thrilled to announce that I am now an official member of The Writers Club (Grey Thoughts). I am so excited. I would like to thank their team for all of their support and for including me amongst all of their very talented writers, this truly means a lot to me. My poem “Mending” was published on The Writers Club this week and I also want to thank them for showcasing this piece.đź’•


With your first breath,
you made me proud,
clutched at my heart,
to make it pound

You suckled your thumb,
I touched your ears.
Grateful above,
brought your soul here.

A toothless smile,
you wore all day.
Our world an isle,
embraced we swayed.

While teaching you,
I taught myself.
As candles blew,
strong bonds excelled.

We both grew up,
reflective eyes.
We conquered humps,
but always tried.

Still to this day,
pride makes me cry,
release delays,
so you can fly

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Originally Published on April 04, 2021

Start of Days

Closes her eyes,
sleepwalks through life,
exhaling tales born yesterday.
Thoughts gallop high,
jump over strife,
setting high sails to patch pathways.

An endless loop,
of circling doubts,
inhale lost dreams from brighter days.
Swallow bright scoops,
until light sprouts,
tempt inner love to come and play.

Savor the taste,
of times gone stale,
tomorrow starts as of today.
Smile glistens face,
break from their jail,
emotions race without delays.

No longer frail,
strength stands in place,
self confidence is swiftly raised.
Race to prevail,
wipe sweat from face,
conquer to form positive days.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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