A voice made of honey
tickles my sleepy soul.
Awaken to comfort,
disposed to my control.

Sweetest savory words,
clogging my every pore,
evoking emotions,
moving my empty core.

The fragrant aroma
penetrates through my nose,
unexposed awe-filled views,
can be seen with eyes closed.

My hips swaying to chants
hidden within this voice.
A most powerful trance
holds my will without choice.

Awakened quite sudden,
ringing my silent bell.
Strong temptation peaking,
fate withheld your tough spell.

Hizzing at my laughter,
your soul outwardly shakes.
Dissolving the charade,
honey masked evil snake.

– Grace Y. Estevez


I cling to the past
because it is known,
the only time lived,
actually shown

A present today
is the current state,
live in the moment,
forgetting blind fate.

A written future,
not currently seen,
created details,
live in the machine

Look back at old days,
a whimsical time,
oblivious to pain,
shielded from all crimes

A pen in my hand,
the paper still blank,
a time left behind,
with lessons to thank

Tomorrow is vague,
not written in stone.
with each rising sun,
knowing the unknown.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Follows in my path
dancing in my head,
Eleven Eleven,
again and again

Wherever I go
riddles unravel,
Eleven Eleven,
pursues my travels

Feeling a message
with every receipt,
Eleven Eleven,
run wild in my dreams

Morning or Evening
whatever the time,
Eleven Eleven,
there for me to find

Bringing new meaning
to all that I see,
Eleven Eleven,
means so much to me

Constant companion
with a message inside,
Eleven Eleven,
prompts sent from my guides

– Grace Y. Estevez


Your eyes shout loud, with silent words,
making all logic seem absurd,
your clear message I have now heard.
fluttering by, like a sweet bird

Your eyes wear hidden, unseen smiles,
a mesmerizing, aloof style.
Lost hopes and thoughts create a pile,
I analyze you for a while.

Your eyes both carry a still dance,
guiding me swiftly into a trance,
forcing my will to take a chance,
I slip and fall hitting romance

Your eyes then make me feel at ease,
their light and wisdom turn my key,
angel wings unfold, expand free,
feathery dance within the breeze.

Your eyes give me my full control,
help me escape out of this mold,
feeling complete, finally whole,
soft lullabies play from our soul

– Grace Y. Estevez


What happened to humanity?
Did people lose their dignity?
Did hearts dissolve?
Did brains just freeze?
Did blindness reach infinity?

What if caring became a trend?
Will this bring all wars to an end?
Will we resolve?
Will anger cease?
Will we unitedly ascend?

What can we do to change this place?
Can one affect a stagnant space?
Can we evolve?
Can we see peace?
Can we smile bright and shine with grace?

If everyone finds inner light,
Conflicts will never lead to fights.
Problems will solve.
Hopes will increase.
Humanity can then unite

– Grace Y. Estevez

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