Safe Haven

Cozy little dingle,
warmth makes hearts tingle.
Bright colorful views,
fantasy comes true.

Far away escape,
heavenly landscape.
Spectacular sight,
a splendid delight.

Fresh lavender scent,
makes life feel content.
Fluorescent mushrooms,
greet flowers that bloom.

Magic forrest trees,
hold birds that fly free.
Soft whistles and tweets,
echoes sound so sweet.

Nature at its best,
offers serene rest,
each delicate gust,
glows with golden dust.

Humble tiny home,
fluffy daydreams roam.
Shines with amber lights,
each day and all night.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #145 – May 30, 2023
Prompt – Dingle


Project the hues that live within,
reflective scenes sealed by thick skin.
Stars twinkle bright, mirror his thoughts,
at times goals fall, dreams rarely caught.

Stands firmly on snow covered grounds,
green patches peek so strong and proud.
Shadows expand, gigantic trees,
inside feel big, boldness flies free.

Horizons broaden endlessly,
tons of pure hope float tenderly.
Expose the wonders of his mind,
positive thoughts cast a bright shine.

The warm sun shines infinitely,
captures the heart intricately.
Awesome display inside and out,
exhaled around a soulful shout.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What Do You See # 188 May 29, 2023

Silent Message

Powerful thought, finally lands,
has always been held in her hands.
Dynamics make it hard to stand,
inhale lyrics to understand.

A message clear from up above
delivered to fit like a glove.
Character gave her soul a shove
then whispered with such tender love.

Close both eyes shut so you can see,
the truth within everybody.
Connections move invisibly,
at times repel, then disagree.

Empathy is an urgent need,
generous acts may spread and feed,
go plant and water thirsty seeds,
then pick a few so all succeed.

Pick the truth you wish to swallow,
look straight ahead, build tomorrow.
Release the past, let go of sorrows,
leave a bright trail others can follow.

Offer wise tips, so smiles can live,
erase old wounds, learn to forgive.
Tough lessons done, do not relive,
receive but still make sure to give.”

One single tear, ego disbands,
messages heard without demands,
nor chokeholds made of mere commands,
instead quite free like windswept sand.

Inner wisdom quickly expands,
body and soul, become one strand.
Excited by this master plan,
euphoric hopes make each step grand.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A covered mouth carries closed eyes,
so no one sees the knots inside.
Her suppressed views, lay to reside,
constantly judged, opts to just hide.

A silenced tongue, helps keep her safe,
afraid to fall or make mistakes.
Anything said may cause offense,
wears a thick skin shield of defense.

Watches each word, cancels her views,
tries so damn hard to still be true.
Most will demand her honesty,
but crave that she always agrees.

So she decides to be herself,
by breaking free of her hard shell.
To socialize, still being her,
showing the world truths she offers.

Reflective smiles, mirror her heart,
she is a unique work of art.
Each step she takes sparkles with light,
self-acceptance, lets her shine bright.

Feels free and good in her own skin,
outwardly glows from peace within.
A profound love centers her soul,
provides her with new found control.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published June 13, 2021

Be Real

To expose true self,
release all expectations.
Let the heart dictate.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


“A closed mouth never gets fed.”
Replay the wise words you said.
Shadows of a time that fled,
feelings followed where hearts led.

Random fears dance in her head.
“A closed mouth never gets fed”
Whispered voices fade till dead,
wish this voice could sing instead.

Hesitance steadily treads,
balanced poise jumps on a thread.
“A closed mouth never gets fed.”
Hope deep inner thoughts are read.

Absorb the knowledge you bled,
absolving every last debt.
Confidence imprints to spread.
“Opened mouth forever fed.”

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published June 21, 2022

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