Life’s Tale ( Published at The Writers Club)

Mystical stories fill the night,
an endless tale under the sky,
the greenest forest twinkles bright,
inspiring hopes so wishes fly.

A book that floats through in-betweens,
sprinkles of stardust become keys,
so powerful it goes unseen,
yet makes it so nature flies free.

Each page creates a better step,
that carries with it what comes next,
lingering past is cleared and swept,
rainbows of joy appear to flex.

Some chapters end, new ones arrive,
tears that condense pour rain and shine.
All characters become alive,
blooming while feeling so divine.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

My poem “Life’s Tale” was published at The Writers Club I would like to thank their team for showcasing this piece.💕

A Journey

Stories written every day,
as people form history.
Reflective fears on display
anguished eyes hide misery.

Vast seas carry frantic tears,
night tides bring dark shadows.
Sleepwalk through a beach so clear,
each foreseen step feels shallow.

Navigate through anchored dreams,
every goal left on the shore.
Gamble through loud muted screams,
winning always begs for more.

Greedy and needy hunger
takes big bites off the apple.
Thirsty eyes look much younger,
drown sorrows lighting candles.

Stale wishes sunk by weighed goals,
are absorbed like a soaked sponge.
Memories rip through the soul,
helpless knots caught in both lungs.

A mouthful of air brings hope,
conscious instincts soon arise.
Run upon a high tight rope
watch destiny play all sides.

The past flies high in the air,
as the future is revealed.
Balanced lessons seem unfair,
yet provide sound ways to heal.

Each new life takes a first breath,
as another takes their last.
Everyone’s tale holds great depth,
made of chapters they surpass.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Fall for Spring

Perfect weather,
enjoy the yard.
inner pleasure,
sorrows discard.

Fresh sprouts of life
through withered leaves,
clears away strife,
helps hearts believe.

Smooth crisp cool breeze
absorbs the sun.
blissful release
magical fun.

A crunchy walk,
peeks of lush green,
strong trunks and stalks,
beautiful scene.

Wonderful place,
relax in peace.
No time or space,
pure joys increase.

Water droplets,
shimmer light hues.
Endless solace,
wishes come true.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written in response to Crimson Creative Challenge # 225, hosted by Crispina Kemp


Organize the week ahead,
or read a good book instead.
“Procrastination steals time”
listen to loud inner chimes.

Sit right down prepared to write,
daydreams always win this fight.
“Loose grip on sweet fantasies,
tamper with reality.”

Smell the flowers, grab a treat,
hope the next few days are sweet.
Create plans to follow through,
filled with goals hearts can pursue.

Schedule is finally filled,
sit back at ease, also thrilled,
made sure each day carries fun,
so happiness also runs.

Written for FFFC #208 hosted by Fandango


Attempts to climb an endless rose,
the more he moves, the more it grows,
pretends this stem is just a rope,
slippery ride relies on hope.

Pulls up his will, as he slides down,
his big bright smile becomes a frown,
Uncompromising faith flares up,
provides the strength that fills his cup.

Thorny body transforms to steps,
making this chore feel less complex,
fragrant scents permeate the air,
somehow life starts to seem more fair.

Misty rain cures his dire thirst,
he wonders which effect came first,
to know this trail is not endless,
or ability to progress.

The last push occurred rapidly,
he finished his task happily,
reached the tip top, then felt a hug,
from his awaiting ladybug.

Two ladybugs rest on petals,
so comfortable they both settle,
difficult paths can carry gain,
determination breaks all chains.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #132 – February 28, 2023
Prompt – Uncompromising

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