Wake up and go, do what you do,
laugh like a fool, while playing cool.

Go through your day, no time to play,
as feelings sway, in disarray.
Hold a brave face, keep it in place,
another chase, an unknown race.
Good afternoon never goes soon,
horrible swoon, howl at the moon.
Another night, turn off the light,
thoughts hold too tight, sleep puts a fight

Wake up and go, write your own show,
make your life glow, change up the flow.

Go through your day, make time to play,
watch feelings sway, enjoy sun rays.

Smile on your face, that stays in place,
no need to chase a winning race.

Good afternoon, time flies too soon,
internal swoon, hello full moon.

A better night, feeling so light,
hold pillow tight, sleep feels so right.

– Grace Y. Estevez


One day in time,
I walked life free,
laughed loud and proud,
climbed many trees.
I danced and sang
knew dreams would be,
standing so tall
believed in me

One cloudy night
you brought the rain.
Stripped confidence,
made me insane.
Holding me back,
I could not gain.
Introduced me
to constant pain.

One sunny day
my heart grew cold,
the blood it pumped
was frosty snow.
As sunlight lit
I gained control,
walking away
letting you go.

One afternoon
the warmest June,
my voice was cracked
and out of tune.
Looked at the sky
noticed moon hues,
reflections showed
that I am you.

One part of me
I wish to hide,
eyes will not see
I have two sides,
lone part so strong
quickly decides,
the sweeter one
serves as a guide.

– Grace Y. Estevez

Nourished Thirst (by Grace and Amber)

Mystical raindrops that fall on my head
ignite my mind, feeding thoughts that were dead
grasping as my soul breaks free from the mold
sheds light on a knowledge that exceeds my control

Saturated knowledge addiction when initially seeking spirituality,
leads to a dead void neutrality,
real soul nutrition comes from the formless
putting theory into practice within our fortress

Open my mind to energies received
my deciphering heart will not be deceived
quenches my thirst from all fears and worries
basking in light bathing in newfound glories

Cutting open the hidden subconscious
void of emptiness shadowing us 
filling the abyss with gems buried in the fears confronted
Feeding the angelic auric orbs swirling within healthy beliefs hunted

Let your soul maintain planted and protected,
composed before a multitude of universes interconnected
May our souls be nourished with each sunlight
keeping us connected as our eyes close each night

– Grace Y. Eastevez & Amber (DiosRaw)


I walk around
with one blind eye,
to never see
what others hide

The other eye
is kept open,
noticing views
gone unnoticed.

I ask myself,
which is worth more?
was always good
at keeping score.

The opened eye
sees everything,
get what you give,
knows every string.

Mystical force
living within,
shines with pure hope
curing dark sins.

The blinded eye
does just as well,
by focusing
solely on self

Not known to sway
or look aware,
a simple stare
releases care.

The two combined
forever great,
pushed together
emitting strength.

Seeing through both
at the same time,
unlocks hinges
removes all grime

As all new views,
acquire shine.
Gained power flows,
within the mind.

– Grace Y. Estevez

The Evolving Soul

Change flies in like a flutter of birds
Suddenly I am at a loss for words
Becoming in tune with my soul’s ocean
Waves gift me with ever-changing emotion

Close my eyes to absorb what I feel
Butterflies chime as I start to heal
My mind decides on which way to go
My soul quietly chants “Go with the flow”

Seeing this dream through my newer eyes
The little me seeks attention, it cries
Its dying embers are lies, I start to recognize
So, instead I ascend, instead I rise

My heart starts to fly, I am one with the sky
I feel my soul rise as I wave a goodbye
The new me is born as the old is now gone
Farewell to my past, it was not meant to last

Hello to my now, my Universe takes a bow
Change is my friend, loving me till the end
Unclasp my hands, give my new life a chance
Lead with steady feet and eternally dance

Grace + Ace


A voice made of honey
tickles my sleepy soul.
Awaken to comfort,
disposed to my control.

Sweetest savory words,
clogging my every pore,
evoking emotions,
moving my empty core.

The fragrant aroma
penetrates through my nose,
unexposed awe-filled views,
can be seen with eyes closed.

My hips swaying to chants
hidden within this voice.
A most powerful trance
holds my will without choice.

Awakened quite sudden,
ringing my silent bell.
Strong temptation peaking,
fate withheld your tough spell.

Hizzing at my laughter,
your soul outwardly shakes.
Dissolving the charade,
honey masked evil snake.

– Grace Y. Estevez


I cling to the past
because it is known,
the only time lived,
actually shown

A present today
is the current state,
live in the moment,
forgetting blind fate.

A written future,
not currently seen,
created details,
live in the machine

Look back at old days,
a whimsical time,
oblivious to pain,
shielded from all crimes

A pen in my hand,
the paper still blank,
a time left behind,
with lessons to thank

Tomorrow is vague,
not written in stone.
with each rising sun,
knowing the unknown.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Follows in my path
dancing in my head,
Eleven Eleven,
again and again

Wherever I go
riddles unravel,
Eleven Eleven,
pursues my travels

Feeling a message
with every receipt,
Eleven Eleven,
run wild in my dreams

Morning or Evening
whatever the time,
Eleven Eleven,
there for me to find

Bringing new meaning
to all that I see,
Eleven Eleven,
means so much to me

Constant companion
with a message inside,
Eleven Eleven,
prompts sent from my guides

– Grace Y. Estevez


Sailing through the desert,
thirsty for a change.
Searching for an answer
to this twisted game.

Listening to whispers,
carried by the breeze,
chanting words of wisdom
directed at me.

Releasing resentments,
as I am advised.
All emotions fly free
and lessons are prized.

Fallen tears from my eyes
bring thunder and rain.
Absolving past blames
while dissolving pain.

I no longer feel parched,
hydrated at last.
Sailing slowly through life,
my voids fill up fast.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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