Inner Love

A lonely heart
becomes insane,
crumbles apart,
embracing pain.

Navigates space,
while stuck in time.
Running in place,
all echoes chime.

Quivering hands
search for true love,
fall where they land,
to then wear gloves.

One single touch,
maybe a hug.
Is it too much?
Heartstrings are tugged.

An inner voice,
soothing yet proud,
offers a choice
that rings so loud.

A special friend,
felt deep within.
Bond never ends,
once it begins.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Grab a chair,
let’s have a talk,
confront my ego
one on one.

It grabs a smoke
asks for a drink,
then stared at me
eyes did not blink.

I looked right back
straight in the eye,
then smiled so bright
disarmed all fights.

“What do you want?”
Ego’s first words,
so strong and bold
self held control.

I said with ease,
“Let’s call a truce,
let’s work as one,
share balanced views.
I know you’re scared
way deep inside,
both fear and grief
make self-doubt ​hide.
You protect me,
supply my pride,
yet I’m your key
and purest guide.”

Ego replies,
so slick and sly,
” You’re my ally,
do not judge me,
within my eyes
lives all you see.
You’re in my chest,
speaking my truth,
giving me rest,
easing my blues.
You’re in my smile
and in my charm,
you give me warmth
keep me from harm.”

A blurry mirror
then showed me,
the ego side
I failed to see.

To accept it
set us both free,
to love ourselves
through all degrees.

United to find harmony
and figure out how to agree.
We slowly built comradery
resolving conflicts peacefully.

Knowing our capabilities,
we partnered up infinitely.

Loving ourselves entirely,
helps us spread more love outwardly.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Inside Out

Thick stormy clouds control my mind.
The world I see feels so unkind.
Vile ugly acts spread great sorrows,
cracked concrete paths build tomorrow.

Tornadoes swirl my ringing ears,
sweeping my mind, releasing tears,
my heart and pulse quickly increase,
try to obtain some inner- peace.

Rain showers pour upon my head,
I wonder if kindness is dead.
Salted wounds hurt and make me scream,
wishing unjust was just a dream.

Bright rainbow views amaze my eyes,
I feel new hope inside arise.
Faithful wishes are now defined,
hope social change someday aligns.

Sun rays and lights dry off my tears,
warms up my heart, providing cheer.
Blue skies become brighter and clear,
people can grow, progress each year.

My inner thoughts project outside,
I grasp the universe inside.
Pure love can turn wrongs into rights
if everyone tries to unite.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A young girl born with silver hair,
had angel eyes and always dared,
to take a stand with her wise words,
as others stood just to observe.

Her words all spilled with different tones,
as people grabbed imagined stones,
to cast upon her, feeling afraid,
of the unknown and what they’d say

One day choosing to be silent,
no longer using her fine gifts,
she would not budge or even hint,
her eyes observed but kept truths in

Now everyone became upset
as if her gifts were really debts.
Demanding a surrendered speech,
while attempting to make her teach

She took her spot, center of stage,
her voice was loud and out of range.
“Do not be scared of the unknown,
instead, be glad you have been shown.
Just try to keep what resonates,
if not for you, then separate,
All that you need, you hold inside,
Just listen close and let it guide”

The words she said helped them all see,
how she acquired her sacred key.
To not judge will set bias free
so everyone can live happily.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy



A covered mouth
carries closed eyes,
so no one sees
the knots inside.

Her suppressed views
lay to reside,
constantly judged
opt to just hide.

A silenced tongue
helps keep her safe,
afraid to fall
or make mistakes.

Anything said
may cause offense.
Wears a thick skin
to shield defense.

Watches each word,
cancels her views.
Trying so hard
to still be true.

Most will demand
her honesty,
but crave her thoughts
always agree.

So she decides
to be herself,
by breaking free
of her hard shell.

To socialize
still being her,
showing the world
truths she offers

Reflective smiles
mirror her heart,
she is unique
a work of art.

Each step she takes
is filled with light.
lets her shine bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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