Transparent shackles
are hard to remove,
issues soon tackle,
life does not improve.

Ambitions on hold
hopes never move far,
unseen slavery,
a permanent scar.

Sprout with intentions,
slither up the spine,
echoed rejections
draw a solid line.

Fear carries with rage
and imprisons minds,
creating a cage
that make eyes go blind.

Current population,
was taught to resist,
the next generation
will learn to persist.

Keys turn as hearts dance,
to vanquish the chains,
provide a real chance
removes stagnant pain.

Indulgence at last
peaceful waters flow
liberate the past,
so future days glow.

Embrace inner light,
allow it to guide,
free steps shine so bright,
where pure love resides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Dramatic sounds,
united voice,
shakes thoughts around,
commands a choice,
assurance pounds,
vibrates white noise,
falls to the ground,
then regains poise.

Dramatic views,
insightful eyes.
Perceptions choose
to expose lies.
Covers the news,
as stories fly,
uncovers clues,
raw truth implied.

Dramatic taste,
every mouth craves,
The greatest waste,
enemies gave.
Gasoline baste,
set to enslave.
Living in haste,
digs shallow grave.

Dramatic touch,
caresses deep.
Grips to then clutch,
tries hard to keep.
A bit too much,
hills form too steep.
Calms rapid rush,
so minds could sleep.

Dramatic scents,
linger inside.
Chaos ferments,
a troubled mind.
Will not consent,
while being kind,
Embrace present,
sorrows declined.

Dramatic life
abandoned past.
Prevented strife,
that did not last.
Turmoil was knifed,
calmed ever fast.
peacefulness rife,
enjoyed contrast.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #222 hosted by Fandango


Raw anger and rage,
blood bubbles then boils.
Red heated flushed face,
emotions recoil.
Headaches vibrate,
tears moisten dry soil.
Take mark center stage,
composure soon broils.

One strong simple phrase
shoots straight to the sun.
Both arms become rays,
hot words a shotgun.
Remember past days,
trigger so minds run.
Peace swims far away,
anxiety stuns.

Angels then embrace,
provide a restart.
Soft kiss to the face,
mends a sorrowed heart.
Veins flow with pure grace,
all tensions depart.
A warm untouched space,
offers a new start.

Clear calmness inside
rocks soul to full ease.
Pure patience provides,
freedom like the breeze.
Clarity soon guides,
provides solid keys.
Watch as fury slides,
so blurred eyes could see.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #146 – June 6, 2023
Prompt – Untouched

Sweet and Salty

Balance a bit more each year,
lessons gained, help adjust life.
Happiness conquers cold fears,
so true joy could replace strife.

Balance a bit more each year,,
tight connections feel kinder.
Enjoy times presently here.
kill envy, fasten blinders.

Good and bad will come and go,
perceptions always decide.
Sweet and salty waters flow,
life first takes, to then provide.

Balance a bit more each year,
sorrows felt, make thoughts so strong.
Hardened hearts soon disappear,
as kind acts linger along.

Balance a bit more each year,
foreseen steps can be measured.
Greater paths open quite clear,
a bright future endeavored.

Droplets fall fast from the sky,
over waves upon the sea,
hold time as years pass on by,
some so sweet, others salty.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What Do You See # 189 June 05, 2023

Bridal Tears

A shining halo on her head
guides every single step she dreads,
she wishes she could run instead,
all of her crumbled hopes are dead.

A future flashing in her mind,
an older groom, mostly unkind.
Both hands scrubbed raw from chores assigned,
no more tears left, silently cried.

Her dad is there, her mother too,
dismissing all her obvious blues.
So nonchalant with how she grew,
ignore her thoughts, forcing their views.

Slowly exhales, welcoming death,
suddenly wakes, still out of breath,
she sobs for those that go the length,
while praying she can gather strength.

Maybe someday forced love can end,
so no heart needs to play pretend.
Some are too young to comprehend,
how one wrong step quickly descends.

The warm sunlight, brightens her face,
clears up her mind, she finds her place,
an advocate for those displaced,
providing pure love filled with grace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on December 14, 2021


Push past Sunday,
begin the week.
Climb on Monday,
create new peaks.

Moon filled Monday,
seeks serene rest,
so that Tuesday,
jumps over tests.

Combat Tuesday,
beat tugs of wars,
balance Wednesday,
gain a high score.

Scorching Wednesday,
mercury flows,
so on Thursday,
cool breezes blow.

Stormy Thursday,
loud thunder sounds,
crashes Friday,
excitement pounds.

Eager Friday,
carries fun times,
on Saturday,
memories chime.

Full Saturday,
so much to do,
joyful Sundays,
peaceful review.

Stop on Sunday,
end cycle fast,
enjoy today,
blissful at last.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published September 11, 2022


Ignorance can offer bliss,
shut both eyes, dangers dismiss.
False intentions float adrift,
while receiving a great gift.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
jump over the dark abyss,
never see the slightest hate,
keep thoughts glued to unknown fate.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
disguising an untrue kiss.
Tears can come from pain or joy,
picking one as a sound choice.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
never knowing what is missed.
Counting all blessed miracles,
feeling like an oracle.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
all dimensions coexist.
A journey through time and space,
self creates at its own pace.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
navigate a unique ship.
Make decisions with pure love,
follow guides sent from above.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published November 13, 2021


A shot of hope to mask all fears.
A pint of faith to capture tears.
Light appears,
Troubles clear,
Painful years,

A cup of bliss eases the shakes.
A glass of charm is all it takes.
Fix mistakes,
Balance quakes,
Soothing lakes,
Eases aches.

A flask of pride to be kept strong.
A flute of wisdom corrects wrongs.
Joyful songs,
Hum along,
Harmless prong,
All belong.

A bottle of peace helps trauma heal.
A crate of love so all can feel.
Ego peels,
Light reveals,
Bright appeal
Pure and real.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy
Originally Published May 30, 2021


Bold ego caught,
doubts set and staged.
Inner fight fought,
mind runs enraged.
Opaque thoughts,
heart feels encaged.
Endless distraught,
sanity waged.
Confidence sought,
harmony paged.
Self kindness taught,
deep fears assuaged.

Magical sight,
love underlies.
Hues of soft light,
brush heavy eyes.
Touch eases fright,
heals silent cries.
Aura so bright,
peaceful surprise.
Joys take full flight,
hopes reach the sky.
Life feels alright,
euphoric rise.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #221 hosted by Fandango

Safe Haven

Cozy little dingle,
warmth makes hearts tingle.
Bright colorful views,
fantasy comes true.

Far away escape,
heavenly landscape.
Spectacular sight,
a splendid delight.

Fresh lavender scent,
makes life feel content.
Fluorescent mushrooms,
greet flowers that bloom.

Magic forrest trees,
hold birds that fly free.
Soft whistles and tweets,
echoes sound so sweet.

Nature at its best,
offers serene rest,
each delicate gust,
glows with golden dust.

Humble tiny home,
fluffy daydreams roam.
Shines with amber lights,
each day and all night.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #145 – May 30, 2023
Prompt – Dingle

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