Endless spark made of bright light,
builds a universal wonder.
In the dark two hearts unite,
quickly crash to form loud thunder.

An abyss is painted blue,
puffy hazed hues of white oils.
Fresh rain waters create dew,
moistening embedded soil.

Cut a bouquet of fluffed clouds,
spring it up to sketch a view.
Floating still to watch for sounds,
in this world, a finger drew.

Hearts that glow like fireflies,
form an eclipse on the sea,
their pure wishes soon arise,
shimmering and flying free.

Rays of shiny illusions,
tightly wrap the beaming sun,
an energy infusion,
balances where it begun.

Sprinkled warmth covers each soul,
ever ready to embark,
physical appears as whole,
always guided by a spark.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Life is a masked ball,
a disguise for cheats.
Costumes always fall,
exposing concrete.

Some will want no end
to their masquerade,
comforts play pretend
truth makes them afraid.

I too was a clown,
living in a lie,
till I heard the sounds,
of my heartbeats cry.

I made my life real
facing all I knew,
I then learned to feel
clearing all my views.

Push all masks aside
unveil a new life,
the soul will then guide,
shielding every strife.

Laughs will sound sincere,
all smiles become pure,
joy also appears,
once pretend is cured.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Deadliest of daggers,
thrown up in the air.
I watch as it staggers,
but I do not care.

My armored torn heart
wears a solid cape.
Always to outsmart,
while keeping its shape.

I watch all thrown things,
see from whom they come.
Energies can cling
if all hopes succumb.

Intense evil eyes
can never touch me.
My soul is too wise,
choosing what it sees.

Intentions will bring
what people allow,
but they can not sting,
when they’re forced to bow.

Emotions will cave in,
for ones carrying love.
Those hiding hate within,
are hugged with vinyl gloves.

Daggers may be launched,
but only to cause sways.
Negative is scorched,
to dissolve away.

I always accept
pure positive light.
All intentions kept
radiate quite bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Mirror Mirror

Whatever helps you sleep at night
so that your conscience rests at ease.
Embrace what makes your actions right,
so your heart is finally pleased.

It does not matter who you shame
while absolving all of your sins.
Your reasoning for placing blame
“they need to gain some thicker skin.”

The pointer seems to face away,
as faults fall off you piece by piece.
Hurt guilts somehow decide to stay,
tormenting all your inner peace.

What if you tried to absorb light?
Will extreme ego then decrease?
What if you vanquished all your spite?
Will a pure love then set you free?

An inner love you can proclaim
when nourishing yourself within.
Do not lash out or place false aims,
or try to take another’s win.

Look at the mirror feel delight,
twisting around your inner key.
Let your reflection shine out bright,
positive is what you will be.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Sighed Tears

Crystal tears fall from my eyes,
made of pain I held inside,
took some years for me to cry,
shook my head and simply sighed.

Shook my head and simply sighed,
as each year flew past my time,
within me, pieces had died,
every time I failed to climb.

Every time I failed to climb,
motivation was declined,
turning goals to bitter lime,
newfound fears fogging my mind.

Newfound fears fogging my mind,
till my heart transformed old sights,
making bad thoughts become kind,
gathered tears light up quite bright.

Gathered tears light up quite bright,
my future will always rise,
happiness inside me shines,
crystal tears fall from my eyes.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


A wise empath I know,
carries distinctive eyes.
Her reflective mirrors,
expose secrets that hide.

Feeling every sorrow,
she lessens aches and pains.
Shares tears others swallow,
connecting to their chains.

Lets lies slide unnoticed,
so no one feels ashamed.
Unwanted emotions,
penetrate just the same.

Offers an open hand
at the risk of her fall.
Absorbing great sadness,
then dissolving them all.

Walking angel on earth,
still, will not spare her wrath.
Stands perfectly balanced,
while creating fair paths.

A mystical presence,
aura fills up the air.
Pure lit divine essence,
always driven to care.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Inner Flow

I tap my feet
to my own beat.
I move around
on solid ground.

I step on land
not on quicksand.
I make mistakes
but never break.

I form techniques
for what I seek.
I do not speak
words that are bleak.

I catch the ball
my goals befall.
I hardly wait
or hesitate.

I try to touch
but not too much.
I expand grace
but do not chase.

I search inside
follow my guide.
I emit light
make dark paths bright .

I like to live
life judgments free.
I know that you
are one with me.

I build a life
with my insight.
I choose the views,
paint joyful hues.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Silence is hidden,
inside of your eyes.
Lips full of answers
smothered with wise lies.

All truths are revealed
exposed by your eyes.
Back-peddling words
disclosed by surprise.

Awkward discomfort
expressed in your eyes.
No words are needed,
tears glue our demise.

Hopes have been ruined
as seen in your eyes,
you want one more win
yet despise the prize.

My unspoken words
scream loud in my eyes,
they say their farewells
with one breathless sigh.

Newfound intentions
live within my eyes.
is my greatest tie.

Best wishes and love
shine from both our eyes,
mute words go unheard
our eyes say goodbye.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Fated Sail

I crank the anchor,
watch as it lifts.
I sail my boat
then let it drift.
I push my view
making them shift.
I work quite hard
to make life swift.

Winds rock my boat
from here to there.
I’m lost at sea
but do not care.
Life shakes me up
and feels unfair.
Absent from life
yet still aware.

I grab the steer,
balanced at once.
I trim the sail,
tying the knots.
I harmonize
my offbeat heart.
I convince fate
to change the plot.

Waves carry us
to where we land.
Our keel and feet
enjoy the sand.
Our life is sweet
from where we stand.
at destiny’s hand.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Shield my eyes,
mute my voice,
walk through life
with no choice.
Missing home
though still there,
this new world
seems unfair.

People seem
extra cold,
many try
to fit molds.
quiet rules,
silent thoughts
can feel cruel.

Draw my light
from inside,
spread kindness
out world wide.
Wear a smile
on my face,
fills with grace.

Look around,
sing and walk,
when I talk.
Inner love
soon reflects,
all the joy
I project.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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