Transparent shackles
are hard to remove,
issues soon tackle,
life does not improve.

Ambitions on hold
hopes never move far,
unseen slavery,
a permanent scar.

Sprout with intentions,
slither up the spine,
echoed rejections
draw a solid line.

Fear carries with rage
and imprisons minds,
creating a cage
that make eyes go blind.

Current population,
was taught to resist,
the next generation
will learn to persist.

Keys turn as hearts dance,
to vanquish the chains,
provide a real chance
removes stagnant pain.

Indulgence at last
peaceful waters flow
liberate the past,
so future days glow.

Embrace inner light,
allow it to guide,
free steps shine so bright,
where pure love resides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Angry thoughts invade,
deep breaths, helps diffuse fury,
sweet tooth offers peace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Bridal Tears

A shining halo on her head
guides every single step she dreads,
she wishes she could run instead,
all of her crumbled hopes are dead.

A future flashing in her mind,
an older groom, mostly unkind.
Both hands scrubbed raw from chores assigned,
no more tears left, silently cried.

Her dad is there, her mother too,
dismissing all her obvious blues.
So nonchalant with how she grew,
ignore her thoughts, forcing their views.

Slowly exhales, welcoming death,
suddenly wakes, still out of breath,
she sobs for those that go the length,
while praying she can gather strength.

Maybe someday forced love can end,
so no heart needs to play pretend.
Some are too young to comprehend,
how one wrong step quickly descends.

The warm sunlight, brightens her face,
clears up her mind, she finds her place,
an advocate for those displaced,
providing pure love filled with grace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on December 14, 2021


Ignorance can offer bliss,
shut both eyes, dangers dismiss.
False intentions float adrift,
while receiving a great gift.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
jump over the dark abyss,
never see the slightest hate,
keep thoughts glued to unknown fate.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
disguising an untrue kiss.
Tears can come from pain or joy,
picking one as a sound choice.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
never knowing what is missed.
Counting all blessed miracles,
feeling like an oracle.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
all dimensions coexist.
A journey through time and space,
self creates at its own pace.

Ignorance can offer bliss,
navigate a unique ship.
Make decisions with pure love,
follow guides sent from above.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published November 13, 2021

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