Birthdays can invade,
lamenting what should have been,
while exhaling fate.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A snake disguised as a tree branch
can stand quite still to reach attack,
wears a sweet smile while stabbing backs,
carries pink hues, to hide the black

A victim role, you play too well,
pushing the fool, saying they fell,
sympathy gained is your best spell,
those by your side, live in your hell.

Do anything to get your way,
poisoned my cup, then caused delays,
your worried face was well displayed,
before your eyes, your plans decayed.

Paint yourself as bright and sunny,
with veins that flow the sweetest honey,
patient with a splash of funny,
acts to access unearned money

Inner pity makes you cruel,
taught by family to bend rules,
feed the hunger, ignite your fuel,
feeling like a special jewel.

Hope one day you can understand,
most lives rarely follow a plan,
the pain delivered by your hands,
reverts you back, to where you land.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A ragged house, high on a cliff,
loose wooden frame, support adrift.
Doe-eyed young girl, innocent soul,
filled with stories, yet to be told.
Active childhood, playing at home,
nutrition scarce filled up with foam.
Bullied baby with many scars,
obtained visions took her quite far.
Saving earnings, for a new life,
releasing her from all past strife.

An unknown country filled with big dreams,
fluorescent lights drowned out extremes.
Vigorous heart, beats in her chest,
always at work, no time for rest.
Still, a bright smile shines on her face,
brimming with hues of natural grace.
Every downfall brings a new chance,
turning sorrows into a dance.
Sunlight appears with gifts of luck,
liberty bells of freedom struck.

A serene breeze inflates her lungs,
with homemade sweets coating her tongue.
Winning ticket held at her side,
future visions expand so wide.
Unbalanced house is fixed at last,
mending the holes from a dim past.
Greeting with joy each sparkling day,
while healing lives in distinct ways.
Positive vibes, the greatest gift,
a humble soul will grow and lift.

– Grace Y. Estevez


I lay my pen then close my eyes,
think of the times that slipped us by.
Relive the laughs we will not have,
we were as one but now just half.

Turn the page a different tale,
we were both good, never went stale.
Always a theme in stories told,
kissed by warm lights melting the cold.

A fairytale from long ago,
when knees were bent, while life flowed slow.
As liquid words absorb all ink,
diminished love, made our hearts sink.

Stories are told, one day at a time,
no clear-cut views, reason, or rhyme.
A simple truth that was perceived,
lived long ago by you and me.

Written by young hearts filled with hope,
climbing steep hills and endless ropes.
Adventures end with distinct paths,
glad to have met your exposed hand.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Staring straight,
no looking back,
freezing time,
from past attacks

Blinders on,
no side-eye glance,
focused views,
leading the dance.

Embraced goals,
will turn to gold,
when intent,
outflows the mold

Grab a dream,
do not distract,
make it big,
with huge impacts

Fluttered wish,
should reach the sky.
Unframed hopes,
learn how to fly

Take a chance,
lead with self-care.
Stalled to wait,
until you dare

– Grace Y. Estevez


Too strong to ask for help,
while knowing you are weak.
Too right to see the wrongs
in all the lies you speak

Trendsetter paving paths
expect for sheep to follow.
A solid stone-filled heart
can only teach great sorrow

Proof in your hazel eyes
filled up with fallen dreams.
Imprisoned hidden smiles
muffle loud inner screams

It did not go your way,
manipulate the truth.
Point out imagined flaws,
hope no one mentions you

You can not show pure love,
that you have never known.
Can not emit warm light,
if cold is all you own

Pity towards your fine clan
is what I feel inside,
they can not see your games,
or how you play their mind

Feel sorry for you too,
unspoken hurt cause pain.
Hope you can heal within,
attract much needed gain

One day our worlds may crash
at intersecting roads.
Our lives perhaps aligned,
with no lingering holds.

– Grace Y. Estevez


You promised to stay,
but your actions were swayed.

I could not remain,
heavy-hearted with pain

Left here all alone,
I feel like a lost stone
Seasons carry time,
mine arrived as bells chimed.

You seem nonchalant,
did you get what you want?

Do not ask what you know,
as relief I now own

Wanting back what I had,
missing you makes me sad.

Though we may be apart,
love has no end or start.

Learning how to accept,
teaches me to connect.

As your smile lights me up,
filling my empty cup.

With a loving farewell,
no more reasons to dwell.

I am always with you,
essence forever true.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Is there a dark truth,
hidden before our eyes?
A deep mystery,
most will love to deny?
Is there a shadow,
lurking for full control?
Are heavy anchors,
grasping desperate souls

This world is complex,
tough to truly explain.
Always evolving,
but somehow stays the same.
Searching for the truth,
through a great masters lense.
Knowledge is power
offering a defence.

Is life what it seems,
receive all that we take?
Or maybe perceived,
living through what we make?
Will answers appear,
if we patiently wait?
Are all answers good,
if they are left to fate?

This life is a gift,
an adventure with thrills.
Clutching to our hopes,
swallowing like a pill.
Consciousness defined,
by thoughts known as real,
without facts outlined,
guided by what we feel.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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