New View

A thousand tears are shed and done.
A thousand ghosts swim in sad ponds.
A thousand dreams that slowly fade.
A thousand souls go on their way.

The wasted laughs that could have been.
The wasted time regretting sins.
The wasted anger filled with pride.
The wasted thoughts recalling lies.

Another sun chases the gray.
Another moon closing the day.
Another problem gets resolved.
Another question is dissolved.

A thousand wishes that came true.
A thousand joys have erased blues.
A thousand laughs flutter so high.
A thousand hopes set free to fly.

The gain in expecting the new.
The gain in finding brighter views.
The gain in trusting the mind’s eye.
The gain in knowing souls don’t die.

Another chance for joy to climb.
Another dance transcending time.
Another prance towards pure light.
Another glance makes life so bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on November 10, 2021

Ever After

Am I alive?
Ran out of breath,
feelings arise,
off bony chest.
No inner voice.
fresh out of strength,
no free will choice,
or proven depth.

Is heart alive?
Not really sure,
each passing day
another chore.
All value gone,
skeletal face,
long for beyond,
stand stuck in place.

Are goals alive?
Daydreams all die,
cover both eyes,
salty tears hide.
Swallow dense pride,
hopes become sighs,
tomorrow lied,
future deprived.

Inside alive.
Pray for the best,
fears thrown aside,
withstand all tests.
Heal deep inside,
in peace mind rests,
let go and fly,
bright soul is blessed.

More than alive.
In a new world,
spirit arrives,
gives chance a whirl.
Passions derive,
as joys uncurl,
the urge to strive,
slowly unfurls.

Feel so alive.
Silent pulse beats,
warm inner light,
from crown to feet.
Glow ever bright,
at last complete,
profound insight,
presence discreet.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Written for Melissa Lemay’s Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #240

Warmest Dance

The shiny sun
offers a hand,
entices me
into a dance.

The warmest ray
touches my face,
tattoos my skin
fills me with grace.

A happy tune
plays in the breeze,
moving the leaves
on swaying trees.

As wild winds sweep,
whistle and chime,
form perfect beats
that can stop time.

A stage of grass,
song without words,
just sprinkled rain,
and flapping birds.

The moisture dries
mild hues shine bright,
sun fades away
bringing moonlight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published September 12, 2021

Frozen Moments

Icicles freeze saddened thoughts,
underneath the crimson moon.
Grasp cold strength from lessons taught,
regrets form inner monsoons.

Reflections caress chapped skin,
absorbed by the cherry moon.
Guilty hearts extract old sins,
memories return too soon.

Old dreams dance within the breeze,
held within the bloody moon.
Whispered lyrics narrate scenes,
painted with a heartfelt tune.

Fallen tears melt away scars,
embraced by the rosy moon.
Close both eyes, wish on a star,
dreams fly with a red balloon.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for Melissa Lemay’s Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #239

Observe and Select

Quench dry palate,
open shut eyes,
enter ballot,
awesome surprise.

Fictitious facts,
alter beliefs,
internal pacts,
often deceive.

Choose to release,
search inner core,
pure bliss or peace,
pick either or.

Mind conceives,
what lays ahead,
eyes then perceive,
joy versus dread.

Hurt hearts relive,
pain steered by guilt,
the love one gives,
cause life to tilt.

Every new day
purge fear and hate,
actions displayed,
determine fate.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #166 – October 25, 2023
Prompt – Either or

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