Entwined in what I feel for you.
eyes swollen shut, forbidden fruit.

Expand the thoughts that you withdrew,
I know you well, feel your heart too

What should I do? no sign or cue,
go separate ways to live as two

If not this life then life turns blue,
swallow this thought as the main clue.

A painted frame, shiny and new.
we did not stall, instead, we grew.

Entangled wings with which we flew,
connections make emotions brew.

Filling our eyes with pretty views,
Strongest of bonds, adhesive glue.

Looked in your eye, instantly knew
forever mine, feeling so true

– Grace Y. Estevez


Sinister smile
behind your act,
you always get
what you attract.
Back-peddled acts,
hope to retract,
or face regret,
as a pure fact

Big eyes stunned look
while getting caught.
The lines you spoke,
everyone bought.
No grateful sense
for being taught.
Snatch with both hands
no second thought.

My confidant
laughed at my lack.
Carried swift blades
silent attacks.
Gifts of dark will,
behind my back.
My trust and hopes,
your sneaky snacks

I thank you for
the fun-filled times.
Filled with laughter
feeling sublime.
Facing steep paths,
choosing to climb.
Cocktails of joy,
skipping the lime

Memories drown
within my head,
as time moves on
I find them dead.
Another bond
I came to dread.
Wishing you love,
hoping it spreads

– Grace Y.Estevez


Whispered words of truth,
sound much louder than screamed lies.
Silently listen.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A prolonged time
that sailed along,
reciting lines
in a mute song

Extended time
that held too tight
ignoring signs,
hopes fly like kites

Repeated time
revolving tune,
essence that forms
a warm cocoon

An evolved time
clearing mistakes,
provide heartaches
with needed breaks

Infinite time
learns to abide,
control the speed,
that you provide

– Grace Y. Estevez


An exposed full moon,
thrilling at every angle,
even once covered.

– Grace Y. Estevez


So sorry my hair is too curly,
So sorry my body is curvy,
So sorry that your eyes must see,
everything that creates me.

So sorry that I’m not enough,
or that I act a bit too rough.
So sorry you can’t understand
or accept me, the way I am.

So sorry that I felt this way,
So happy that my views have swayed.
Not sorry for being who I am,
instead grateful, I took a stand.

So happy that my hair has waves,
So happy I am now so brave,
enough to laugh off , all critique,
loving myself, being unique.

So happy that I never broke,
So happy I no longer choke,
I realized I was made perfect,
not put on earth for you to affect.

So grateful for all that I know,
So grateful I now run my show.
Teaching others, what life taught me,
not dictating how they should be.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A highbrowed turtle,
nuzzled in a tough shell,
emotions once slipped,
but never quite fell.
Smartypants turtle
has nothing to learn,
frowning at others
with her nose upturned.
Experienced a life
of entitled paved ways,
humility ran with
no reason to stay.

One day met her match,
but could not believe,
dung beetle so strong,
was turtle deceived?
So full of powers,
unpleasant to see,
with the simplest form
complex underneath.
She hid in her home,
could not understand,
her eyes were quite wise
no room to expand.

How could this creature
that only ate waste,
have so many skills
and very fine taste?
Confusion set in
trying to engage,
greeting the beetle,
but feeling quite strange.
An intimidation
gave the turtle a tug,
as fear of rejection,
made her scared to be snubbed.

These new emotions
taught turtle how it felt,
from the receiving end
of cards, she once dealt.
Curious to know
what the beetle possessed,
she approached her quickly,
and story expressed.
Dung beetle was kind
sharing all her gifts,
teaching the turtle,
to touch and uplift.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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