Go Beyond

Magic flows through fingertips,
whispers of truths escape lips.
Soul and eyes form an eclipse,
stare so wise, it makes hearts skip.

A quick touch, power extends,
energy that has no end.
Positive vibes come to mend,
hurtful thoughts that condescend.

Mystical presence takes grip,
held attention cannot slip.
Logic and feelings both flip,
peaceful flow cause ego strip.

Nerves and fear swiftly unbend,
intrigue and joy dance then blend.
Mistakes absolve, guilts amend,
letting go to comprehend.

Hidden wings, shears cannot clip,
mind and spirit take a trip.
Instant journey, divine ship,
gain awareness in a zip.

Every thought slowly suspends,
till wishes learn to ascend.
Forever feeling content,
knowing how a soul transcends.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


allows setbacks to invade.
Swiftly take action.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


What goes up
must come down,
even clowns
can own frowns,
even snakes
shed their skin,
letting go
all old sins.

Black and white
can shade grays,
fun at play,
skip around
sun and rain,
adding ease
to all pain.

Find True Self
in your eyes,
your disguise,
look beyond
what is shown,
opaque paths
start to glow.

Mope or fly,
laugh and cry.
This whole world
is your ride.
Feed the good
just decide,
to hold light
by your side.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Skin deep

Fairyland, made up of lights,
dims the brightness low at night,
sparkly dust, enhanced insight,
smiles as she glides to full flight

Dragon stomps into the room,
presence enters with a boom,
flowers all pause in mid-bloom,
feelings of instant dark gloom

Scared to meet, what goes unknown,
frightened by the abrupt tones,
convinced he was made of stone,
all just ran, he stood alone.

Fairy extends an invite,
behaving fine and polite,
standing for what she feels right,
exposing her inner might

Dragon responds with a zoom,
peeling off frightful costume,
fairy prince comes to full view,
fairyland quickly resumes

“Thanks for the compassion shown,
bad behaviors you condoned,
all my actions I will own,
your kindness helped my heart grow.”

“Fairies do not judge with sight,
instead offer pure delight,
making every dim turn bright,
accepting all forms despite.”

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Grab a chair,
let’s have a talk,
confront my ego
one on one.

It grabs a smoke
asks for a drink,
then stared at me
eyes did not blink.

I looked right back
straight in the eye,
then smiled so bright
disarmed all fights.

“What do you want?”
Ego’s first words,
so strong and bold
self held control.

I said with ease,
“Let’s call a truce,
let’s work as one,
share balanced views.
I know you’re scared
way deep inside,
both fear and grief
make self-doubt ​hide.
You protect me,
supply my pride,
yet I’m your key
and purest guide.”

Ego replies,
so slick and sly,
” You’re my ally,
do not judge me,
within my eyes
lives all you see.
You’re in my chest,
speaking my truth,
giving me rest,
easing my blues.
You’re in my smile
and in my charm,
you give me warmth
keep me from harm.”

A blurry mirror
then showed me,
the ego side
I failed to see.

To accept it
set us both free,
to love ourselves
through all degrees.

United to find harmony
and figure out how to agree.
We slowly built comradery
resolving conflicts peacefully.

Knowing our capabilities,
we partnered up infinitely.

Loving ourselves entirely,
helps us spread more love outwardly.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Cyber Troll

Hide undercover,
in a dark hooded cape,
draping the body
you try hard to escape.

Spew evil phrases,
if given a slight chance.
Hoping your victim
joins in your silly dance.

Repetitive words,
with no substance at play.
Riding on coattails,
using people as prey.

Sorry, you feel bad
forced to hide your sad face.
Maybe one bright day,
your healed heart will find grace.

Till that day arrives,
eat some sweet humble pie,
stop judging others,
look within your own eyes.

Find where you fall short
go to where ego hides.
Then pick yourself up,
gain some authentic pride.

The pain that you cause,
does not improve your shine.
Try changing your ways
so your heart can feel fine.

Life offers balance,
every day and all night.
Listen to your soul,
it can guide you to light

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


A shot of hope to mask all fears
A pint of faith to capture tears
Light appears
Troubles clear
Painful years

A cup of bliss eases the shakes
A glass of charm is all it takes
Fix mistakes
Balance quakes
Soothing lakes
Eases aches

A flask of pride to be kept strong
A flute of wisdom corrects wrongs
Joyful songs
Sing along
Fateful prong
All belong

A bottle of peace helps trauma heal
A crate of love so all can feel
Ego peels
Light reveals
Bright appeal
Shine for real

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


One day in time,
I walked life free,
laughed loud and proud,
climbed many trees.
I danced and sang
knew dreams would be,
standing so tall
believed in me

One cloudy night
you brought the rain.
Stripped confidence,
made me insane.
Holding me back,
I could not gain.
Introduced me
to constant pain.

One sunny day
my heart grew cold,
the blood it pumped
was frosty snow.
As sunlight lit
I gained control,
walking away
letting you go.

One afternoon
the warmest June,
my voice was cracked
and out of tune.
Looked at the sky
noticed moon hues,
reflections showed
that I am you.

One part of me
I wish to hide,
eyes will not see
I have two sides,
lone part so strong
quickly decides,
the sweeter one
serves as a guide.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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