A snake disguised as a tree branch
can stand quite still to reach attack,
wears a sweet smile while stabbing backs,
carries pink hues, to hide the black

A victim role, you play too well,
pushing the fool, saying they fell,
sympathy gained is your best spell,
those by your side, live in your hell.

Do anything to get your way,
poisoned my cup, then caused delays,
your worried face was well displayed,
before your eyes, your plans decayed.

Paint yourself as bright and sunny,
with veins that flow the sweetest honey,
patient with a splash of funny,
acts to access unearned money

Inner pity makes you cruel,
taught by family to bend rules,
feed the hunger, ignite your fuel,
feeling like a special jewel.

Hope one day you can understand,
most lives rarely follow a plan,
the pain delivered by your hands,
reverts you back, to where you land.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A flirty bird,
flapping around,
drawing circles
above my crown

Whistles at me,
flapping around,
lyrical songs
without a sound

Looking at me,
flapping around,
cocking his head
staring me down

Flying away,
flapping around,
as my heart melts
hitting the ground

– Grace Y. Estevez

My wish for you

May raindrops wash away your tears,
as moonlit skies absorb your fears.

May happiness fill up your heart,
as sorrowed thoughts quickly depart.

May your eyes always find the truth,
as passing days bring gifts of youth.

May judgments slip so you stand tall,
as angel wings capture your falls.

May sweetened words cover your ears,
as kindness guides stories you hear.

May lessons gained keep your brain smart,
as joyful times enhance your art.

May every heart you meet be true,
as sincere flows always find you.

May only friends answer your calls,
as life becomes your greatest ball.

May obstacles instantly clear,
as peaceful waves fill up your years

– Grace Y. Estevez


Surrounded by a darkened hue,
talk without reason or a clue,
your uttered words are hardly true,
raw chaos feels at home with you

Erratic tones possess your voice,
portray a victim without choice,
killing the peace with your loud noise,
envying those with natural poise.

Wishing me bad, I wished you good,
you never knew I understood,
I tried to help, did what I could,
your mind was a block of dense wood.

So sad to see what you became,
a grown-up with no ounce of shame,
no one is left to play your games,
now only mirrors can be blamed.

I truly wish you change your ways,
sincerely hope you are okay,
so hurt inside, for you I pray,
that the sun melts despair away.

This life you live is what you choose,
the future may bring better shoes,
but if you choose to cause abuse,
you will soon find, that you will lose

– Grace Y. Estevez


A ragged house, high on a cliff,
loose wooden frame, support adrift.
Doe-eyed young girl, innocent soul,
filled with stories, yet to be told.
Active childhood, playing at home,
nutrition scarce filled up with foam.
Bullied baby with many scars,
obtained visions took her quite far.
Saving earnings, for a new life,
releasing her from all past strife.

An unknown country filled with big dreams,
fluorescent lights drowned out extremes.
Vigorous heart, beats in her chest,
always at work, no time for rest.
Still, a bright smile shines on her face,
brimming with hues of natural grace.
Every downfall brings a new chance,
turning sorrows into a dance.
Sunlight appears with gifts of luck,
liberty bells of freedom struck.

A serene breeze inflates her lungs,
with homemade sweets coating her tongue.
Winning ticket held at her side,
future visions expand so wide.
Unbalanced house is fixed at last,
mending the holes from a dim past.
Greeting with joy each sparkling day,
while healing lives in distinct ways.
Positive vibes, the greatest gift,
a humble soul will grow and lift.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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