Blind my eyes
then warm me up
Bring your shine
up with the sun

Clear my heart
release my fears
Brightened thoughts
absorb my tears

Awesome glow
lights up my path
Bask and soak
in gleaming bath

Kiss my head
with glittered dust
Radiant hues
made of pure trust

– Grace Y. Estevez


Silhouette of my emotions
Shadowed heart, unfair devotion

Paint my mind bright
Clear the dark night
Help me feel right
Touch me with light

Sculpt my feelings, smooth commotions
Etching doubts, convert to notions

Draw my thoughts new
Erase the blues
Stir in known clues
Mark my words true

Unframe my being, full promotion
Let it flow just like the ocean

– Grace Y. Estevez


It feels better to have no love
live life alone
kissed from above

It feels good to not have any true friends
no lies left to hear
or views to defend

It feels great to have no lingered blood ties
a family bond
or entitled lie

It feels quite nice to be unknown
others take a stroll
eye smiles always shown

It feels wonderful to play games of pretend
all is okay
until it all ends

It feels fine to befriend my very own soul
heart on my sleeve
while gaining control

– Grace Y. Estevez


My nostrils awakened inhaling sweet coffee.
A fresh arabica fills my hungry cup.
COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOS the sun has now risen,
each stretch a step closer in waking me up.

My eyes fully open, caffeine crashes my veins,
the day has arrived without any strain.
Warm SWOOSH was a guest that left with the breeze,
but first tickled my nose provoking a sneeze.

My taste buds still tingle, with what I now savor,
as all left behind was bland lacking flavor.
PITTER-PATTERING droplets can play on the roof,
my home in a locket, my heart is the proof.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Opening of heavens gates,
one look at you,
led to my fate.

Took your tiny hand in mine,
you grabbed my heart,
clouding my mind.

Cushioned you from any scare,
missed once or twice,
but always cared.

Turned my love into despair,
resentment shown,
was always there.

Twist of fate with links unshared.
mud on my face,
our bond impaired.

Ring my ears with screeching howls,
my voice a hymn,
you hear a growl.

Memories come to say good bye,
they comfort me,
under blue skies

– Grace Y. Estevez

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