Tip Toe

Music box in my mind,
thunderstorm forms a dance,
feelings swirl, all combined,
lightning strikes to enhance.

Gusty wind melodies,
touch my heart like a chime,
flickering memories,
flow through blank hollow times.

Twirl around, remove veils,
mesmerized by the tune,
evaporating tales,
smell of old worn perfume.

Uneven thunder crash,
stagnant tears fall like rain.
The night sky holds a flash,
reigniting aged pain.

Absorb a jolting slam,
as I sway with the breeze,
I forget who I am,
the wild storm seem to freeze.

Spin to the sounds of drops,
playing songs in my head.
Watch as rains choose to stop,
breathlessly on my bed.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – September 27, 2022
Prompt – Thunderstorm

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