Lightning bumps into thunder,
raindrops disturbs deep slumber.
False illusions dance to pain,
dreams of memories remain.

Feel so shaken, drenched in sweat,
try to steady panicked breath,
body sleeps, soul wide awake,
solid visions seem so fake.

Sparks of passion, wrapped in beams,
unchain everlasting screams.
Gain control, no other choice,
hear vibrations guide dull voice.

Faith lights up an unsure mind,
stirs up hope, once hard to find.
Sprinkles warmth in fearful hearts,
so this moment marks the start.

New blank canvas fills the brain,
pure and white without a stain.
Imagination holds ink,
revelations help days sync.

Insecurities surrender,
inspired by gleeful splendor,
tears and canvas quickly dry,
so wishes could promptly fly.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #128 – January 31, 2023
Prompt – Revelation


Life is a fast horse,
fate crackles the whip,
it gallops the course,
with breezes from source,
steers her aimless ship,
powers reinforce.

Close worn tired eyes,
moisten parched dried lips,
releases deep sighs,
quenched thirst, so dreams fly,
unfasten tight grip,
heart flutters so high.

Enjoy this quick ride,
no need to steer it,
soul silently guides,
fortitude provides,
clear path is now lit,
options open wide.

Inner passions write,
an infinite tale,
that gleams with delight.
tomorrow shines bright.
while raising the sail,
feel solid and right.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #127 – January 24, 2023
Prompt – Infinite

Release and Allow

A prolonged time
that sailed along,
recites the lines
in a mute song.

Extended time
that held too tight,
ignores all signs,
hopes fly so bright.

Repeated time
revolves soft tunes,
twinkles that chime
form warm cocoon.

An evolved time
clears past mistakes,
heartaches soon shine
with needed breaks.

Infinite time
comes to abide,
frees restless minds,
so fate provides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #126 – January 17, 2023
Prompt – Evolve

Change of Heart

Memories became triggers,
encountered thoughts all linger.
Worn visions were much bigger,
exhaustion killed her vigor.

Wished the past was retractive,
and future days attractive.
Her head always combative,
unfocused mind abstractive.

A provocative day dream,
muffles all loud inner screams.
Horizons of bright light beams,
form ambitions with pure gleam

Lost hopes dissolve gracefully,
delights appear gleefully.
Her heart dances playfully,
she ponders life joyfully.

Minds carry intelligence,
while fears provide hesitance.
Bring power to existence,
by giving faith precedence.

This knowledge was well confined,
miracles held deep inside.
Her soul a beautiful guide,
transformed small steps into strides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #125 – January 10, 2023
Prompt – Provocative


Another day has slipped right by,
taking with it a tearful sigh.
Regrets were stuck in hearts and minds,
allowing guilts the drive to guide.

Time fell away with every breath,
reliving thoughts choked goals to death,
good fortune seemed impossible,
forgiveness so improbable .

A moment visits, just to fade,
never to change a choice once made,
while split decisions ricochet,
connections simply break away.

Within a blink years disappear,
seasons show up then swiftly clear.
Yesterday forms a long staircase,
today becomes tomorrows base.

Sunrise carries bright new dawnings,
potentials serve as grand awnings.
Euphoric dances pump the heart,
possible joy ignites then starts.

Fluorescent skies capture big dreams,
hours swim through warm serene streams.
Minutes fly in the breeze above,
whistle songs of infinite love.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #124 – January 03, 2023
Prompt – New Dawning


Vibrant sky in December,
wears bright multicolored lights.
As translucent as embers,
that warm up the frigid night.

Wondrous vibrant views unblock,
melancholic memories,
shadows of tree branches rock,
to natures melodies.

Echoes linger to retrace,
vivid tunes that sound sunny.
Inhale the sweetest smooth taste,
of yesterday’s pure honey.

Crumble up the paper dreams,
burn to ashes, watch the smoke.
Look above, spot blissful beams,
allow gratitude to soak.

Hidden emotions arise,
when hearts truly realize
choices can not be unwise,
lessons bring positive vibes.

Each day as time moves forward,
it resets all inner clocks.
Push through steps that lead towards,
endless luminescent docks.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #123 – December 27, 2022
Prompt – Wondrous


Despair finds solace in the end,
without a view left to defend.
All hearts exposed,
intentions seen,
exposes every inner plea.

A time will come where eyes shines bright,
all unseen thoughts will come to light.
Expose all truths,
erase the lies,
unravel through negative ties.

Despair finds solace in the end,
promises never break or bend,
or fall apart,
repair hurt hearts,
as meant to be right from the start.

Share blissful joy, extend delight,
to sleep serenely through the night,
conscious at ease,
a sense of peace,
feel pure love swim within the breeze.

Despair finds solace in the end,
know every lesson will transcend,
shines on each face,
past time and space,
ensures wisdom is locked in place.

Ingrained knowledge, lives in each mind,
quiet whispers roam undefined,
buried inside,
all knowing guide,
gives insight as free will decides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #122 – December 20, 2022
Prompt – Promises


The jealous are misfortunate,
their life is so unfortunate.
Allergic to foreign success,
it is a source of great distress.

They long for someone else to fall,
transform firm steps into a crawl.
So hard to focus or look straight,
massive brick walls soon self-create.

Energy aimed at someone else,
is best when placed upon oneself.
Stare deep inside this troubled mind,
so dimmed darkness tumbles behind.

Build a new world of fake comforts,
not satisfying hidden thirsts.
Form drawbridge towards ample wealth,
while disregarding mental health.

To brighten up a dampened soul,
gift it a sense of self-control.
Discover what lays in each shell,
do not buy what pompous pride sells.

Stand up as tall as a palm tree,
let other’s gain set visions free.
Fate will carry a special prize,
made to let fulfillment arise.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #121 – December 13, 2022
Prompt – Pompous


Take a journey with me,
combine visions and sights,
embrace all that we see,
with surprise and delight.

Watch a unique snow flake,
trickle down from the sky,
as friends form frosty lakes,
in exquisite designs.

Observe a grain of sand,
under a microscope,
sprinkle some on your hand,
witness magic and hope.

Gaze at a moth orchid,
stare up close, eye to eye,
her glare is reported,
to make hearts start to fly.

Look out for the fruit flies,
they have ants on their wings,
frightened predators cry,
from the fear a swing brings.

A great miracle seen,
male seahorses give birth,
this magnificent scene,
is a wonder on earth.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – December 06, 2022
Prompt – Exquisite


Simulation, tale or dream,
nonsensical secret scheme.
What is real? How would we know?
Will this knowledge help us grow?

If eyes could see beyond air,
Will we dare to be aware?
Some realities are rough,
but can heal with a soft touch.

Life appears to feel so tough,
yet transforms to smoky puffs.
Will true wisdom be exposed?
Can eyes open, if sealed closed?

Meditate, inhale deep peace,
with intentions underneath.
Will the heart regain control?
Can we break the mold that holds?

Can we swim within the breeze?
Will freedom bring unity?
Second chances mend stripped keys,
liberates humanity.

One encounter at a time,
free caged thoughts to ease the mind.
Simple gestures souls may find,
can transform dark thoughts to kind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – November 29, 2022
Prompt – Nonsensical

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