Another message left unsaid,
all hopeful thoughts, now buried dead.
Just one more dream that has been drowned,
as drops of sweat bounce off the ground.

So many efforts hit the dirt,
mouthful of sand cause endless thirst.
Exhausted tries make hearts resent,
no room to hope for what comes next.

Close eyes so tight, let it all go,
let pressures fall, release control.
Feel energy rise up ahead,
positive vibes instantly spread.

Bubbly soft suds unclog worn ears,
warming cold hearts with salty tears.
Good – natured will, gives one more try,
nothing to lose, good luck complies.

Efforts given effortlessly,
navigate life so happily.
To want for nothing, gains it all,
no need to fear possible falls.

Shed false worries for tomorrow,
chip away possible sorrows.
Every last gain is meant to be,
disappointments can set goals free.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #144 – May 23, 2023
Prompt – Good – Natured


In the garden, I find hope,
that fulfills my need to cope.
I find music in the breeze,
mixed fresh scents put me at ease.
Hear the birds as they fly high,
rainbows enhance bright blue skies.
Dandelions dance in air,
fulfill wishes, mend all cares.

In the garden hands get dirty,
picturesque scenes create stories.
Fireflies flutter each evening,
carry a clear serene feeling.
Smile upon the winking moon,
wonder why time flew so soon.
Yawn for sleep under star lights,
as warm winds sweep a clear night.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #143 – May 16, 2023
Prompt – Picturesque

Sketch into Reality

Stop as dreams materialize,
stare as solid views form life.
Thoughts suddenly theorize,
questions laced with sparks of strife.

Fears and worries set off wars,
watch dark smoky clouds explore.
Inner battles feel so raw,
regain light then let faith draw.

Exhale what hearts want to feel,
let inner light take the wheel,
as positive quickly heals,
everyday becomes ideal.

Golden visions fly up high,
a precision traced skyline.
Sketch within the mind and eye,
to form a divine design.

Absorb time, float throughout space,
bask in a serene embrace.
Destiny holds peace in place,
truth and fiction interlace.

Endless horizons shine bright,
with a gift of pure insight.
Clarity offers delight,
grasp it quickly, hug it tight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #142 – May 09, 2023
Prompt – Skyline

Breezy Flow

Find sound words, to disguise,
all the purest emotions,
captured deep in the mind,
to form tales of devotion.

As each day passes by,
embrace peace or commotion.
Look up into the sky,
or stare through the vast ocean.

Close both heavy set eyes,
erase every old notion.
Fluttered wishes float high,
a self-formed locomotion.

Deep emotions take flight,
to create an implosion.
Twinkling stars shine so bright,
universal explosion.

Sense from both wrong and right,
sets true balance to motion.
What a beautiful sight,
once pure peace has been chosen.

Hopes floats high as a kite,
constant inner promotion.
Guides clear souls towards light,
warms hearts that were once frozen.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #141 – May 02, 2023
Prompt – Commotion

Behind the Scenes

The sun’s halo crown,
drifts soundly to sleep,
to places profound,
in realms that are deep.

Pure light in the sky
lights life on earth bright,
brings mornings warm shine,
cast shadows at night.

The impending moon,
appears so awake,
with magical lands,
where dreams are not fake.

Comforting darkness,
each visit disguised,
an essence so pure,
an aura so prized.

Connections that bond,
transcend up so high,
to places beyond,
a wink and a sigh.

The ether awaits,
where wishes are made,
Fly way past the gates,
where memories fade.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #140 – April 25, 2023
Prompt – Impending

Shake it Off

It breaks every mold,
grasps hard, takes a hold,
ego appears bold,
to gain full control.

Reflects a dull stare,
to release all cares,
markedly aware,
of what seems unfair.

Feels far from the norm,
cradles fierce ice storms,
perceptions transform,
turns cold into warm.

Balance so serene,
removes rough extremes,
extracts worn old scenes,
sews tight at the seams.

Soft warm breezes blow,
sorrows fall then go,
a pure smile soon glows,
joys expand and grow.

Strength forms from insight,
grabs inner delight,
all day and each night,
endlessly shines bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #140 – April 11, 2023
Prompt – Markedly

Positive Thought

Majestic voices,
sway soul into sleep.
Spirit rejoices,
helps inner peace leap.

Ethereal presence,
swiftly travels time.
Aerial essence,
serenely chimes.

Mystical daydreams,
guide lost empty thoughts.
Soothes echoes of screams,
stagnant fears are caught.

Euphoric plateau,
makes life feel serene.
Stairs offered below,
lights the in-between.

Magical outcomes,
secure tomorrow.
Sprinkles of light crumbs,
highlight steps to follow.

Eternal delights,
cover future years.
Delivers insight,
make life seem so clear.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #137 – April 4, 2023
Prompt – Ethereal


Crank the anchor, stare as it lifts,
magical boat sails to then drift.
Powerful views cause thoughts to shift,
unplanned hiatus, cruises swift.

Winds rock the boat from here to there,
life shakes me up and feels unfair.
Tears lost at sea, where no one cares,
absent from life yet still aware.

I grab the steer, balanced at once.
then trim the sail to tie each knot.
Harmonize with my offbeat heart,
convince fate to change story plot.

Waves carry us to where we land,
both keel and feet enjoy the sand.
This life is sweet, from where I stand,
infinite destiny at hand.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #136 – March 28, 2023
Prompt – Hiatus


Jaded boy where did you go?
Did you lose part of your soul?
Did you find your self-control?
Did you get to ride life slow?

Saddened boy, were your cries loud?
Did you willy nilly vows?
Did you bury tears in clouds?
Did you entertain sad crowds?

Jilted boy did you sing songs?
After seeing you were wrong?
Ever after was prolonged,
haunting spirits felt so strong.

Graceful beauty always missed,
peaceful essence formed your kiss.
I repaid you with both fists,
now my penance lives with this.

Remember how hard you prayed,
regret mistakes ego made,
now accept the part I played,
eternal remorse cascade.

Never wonder how I am,
I am stuck in my own jam,
live happy create grand slams,
lion hearts can live in lambs.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #135 – March 21, 2023
Prompt – Willy Nilly

Inner Journey

At times he closes both his eyes
holds his breath in, so thoughts can fly,
tries hard to dominate his mind,
but memories linger behind.

In crowds, but always feels alone,
dubious when kind acts are shown.
Expects sincere hearts to be blown,
loud inner doubts is all he knows.

Decisions lead to great regret,
throws his hands up, tries to forget.
Each endless day always resets,
brightens the view as life offsets.

Grasps inner strength so turmoil goes,
inhales pure peace, feel as it flows.
He swallows time, to take life slow,
appreciation swiftly grows.

Past lessons guide and pave the way,
his heart beats to words wise chants say.
He now sees life as a grand play,
savors moments so visions stay.

Holds everyday, lets go each night,
stays positive, expands insight.
Searches within to find warm light,
shares it with all so joys shine bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #134 – March 14, 2023
Prompt – Dubious

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