A sunny window
shows birds flying free,
peace filling the air
joys swim in the breeze

A darkened shadow
obstructing all views,
dragging a thick chain
as the panic grew.

The calming warm wind
sound jingling chimes,
euphoric wishes,
travel far through time.

The loudest dog bark
is distantly heard,
screams freeze deep inside,
spoken words are slurred

Icy cold water,
a semi-parched throat.
Champagne everywhere,
glass up for a toast.

Consumed bitterness,
scratch thirsty dry throat.
Envisioning drinks,
finding a dry moat.

Nostrils sniff streams
of flowered perfumes.
An increasing scent,
as new ones just bloom.

Inhaling skunk musk,
lingered in the air.
Throwing both arms up,
while screaming, unfair!

Graze the reflection,
a sandpaper scrape.
No place left to run,
or hopes for escape.

A caressing touch
with the mildest hue,
breaks negative up,
showing what is true.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


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  1. Wow, this is so so beautiful!!!!! Amazing work as always!!! I love the contrast of the first two stanzas especially!! You’re such a talented and incredible writer, I’m always inspired!!! Keep shining your bright and beautiful light!!!! 🖤💫✨🤗

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