Sun Bathe

Heartbeat cracks, then crumbles,
words sound like low mumbles.
Inner screams sing a song,
everyday feels so long.

All alone here I stand,
turn my back on demands.
Scary thoughts shake my head,
every step creates dread.

Wipe a tear off my cheek,
feel so frail, meek, just weak.
Gulp the knots others tie,
broken smiles, exhale sighs.

Stare at the bright sun rays,
let life fall as it lays.
Golden hues warms me up,
yellow light fills my cup.

Bask in positive thoughts,
gloomy views swiftly fought.
Concrete dreams come to life,
clears away painful strife.

Tomorrow blows with ease,
feel a sense of pure peace.
Faith allows joyous beams,
reflections shine and gleam.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Second Wind

To die a bit each passing day,
as ashes drift then fade away.
Colorful hues become pale gray,
a haunting path leads hopes astray.

Choke from the words that scream inside,
suffocates every ounce of pride.
Exposes all her true self hides,
allowing misery to guide.

Gain smiles from all by being fake,
a heart of steel could never break,
yet everyday emotions ache,
knowing her life is a mistake.

Walks to the edge, meets a light flash,
sways side to side as feelings crash,
takes two steps back, old hopes rehash,
sadness and fears thrown in the trash.

Moved far from that hollow old shell,
free from what felt like a cursed spell.
A beaming laugh she carries well,
her sincere stories she now tells.

Grateful to live in her own skin,
each moment helps a mark begin.
Amazed at how perspectives spin,
showing how faith can always win.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Hidden Truth

To spare your feelings
I will shut my mouth.
Practice self healing
while carrying doubts.

Drown the screams that echo my mind,
ignore shadows that trail behind.

Swallow salty tears,
say they come from joy.
Laugh off awful fears,
that come to destroy.

Carry great cheer, even if fake,
wear a big smile that never breaks.

Never be scrappy,
find sweet words to say.
Act as if happy,
pretend is okay.

A disguise converts to real,
but in each eye truth is revealed.

Dig deeper to find
answers torn hearts mold,
be gentle and kind,
so real love could hold.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Flip negative thoughts.
Grasp inner strength to find hope.
Trying is worth it.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Bright Tomorrow

The pain that comes,
will somehow pass,
a cure for some,
happens so ​fast.
Slowly inhale,
take one last breath,
another fail,
led to hopes death.

Dark bloody stains,
dirty both hands,
life full of strain,
and tough demands.
So hard to show,
what is not there,
a forced fake smile
glows pure despair.

Rebuild your heart,
stitch with silk thread,
create a start,
release the dread.
Find happiness,
in the small things
watch as sadness
becomes extinct.

Take each day slow,
use baby steps,
each new reached goal,
leads to the next.
The fakest smile,
will become real,
as good times pile,
life gains appeal.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Playing Pretend

They run away
when she is sad,
she plays pretend,
so they feel glad.
A smile attracts more of the same,
but tears cascade with profound shame.

When life is good
all hands are in,
but shades of blues
fade bonds too thin.
Forget the pain just dance and sing,
swallow sad thoughts and wear a grin.

She makes believe
but inside tries,
hopes that some truths
come from her lies.
Carries the burdens thrown by all,
but allies hide before she falls.

A hollow space
fills up her heart,
she prays depression
soon departs.
Slowly inhales, shuts her eyes tight,
clear visions spark an inner light.

All on her own, talks with her mind,
advice she gives is always kind.

“Others will act in their own way,
but never let your brightness sway.
Tomorrow will bring wants and goals,
hold every joy to feed your soul.”

A smile so pure caressed her lips,
as held sadness suddenly slips.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Find Joy

Swallow the lump
stuck in my throat,
another bump
along the road.

Hold back the tears
behind my eyes,
ignore the fears
hidden inside.

Blink thoughts away
exhale a sigh,
feelings display,
silently cry.

Let it all out
with a loud scream,
my sad heart shouts,
“Control this dream.”

An instant peace
makes me feel calm,
flow with the breeze,
sway like a palm.

Wishes today
form tomorrow,
so joys can stay
and clear sorrows.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Gain Control

Uneasy sense
haunting my day,
making me tense
my spirit prays.
Take a deep breath
but it still stays,
feel like Macbeth
in my own play.
A yoga pose
or meditate,
try to let go
can’t concentrate.

I close my eyes
release my tears,
let hopes fly high
drowning my fears.
Take one more breath
it disappears,
falls to its death,
the clouds all clear.
Sun rays shine bright
happiness near.
Find inner light
hold it so dear.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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