Who built a fortress,
to help find true you?
In a green forest,
removing the blues.

Who captured your falls,
and cushioned them all?
Then helped you stand tall,
made your life a ball.

Who heightens your sense,
provides solid truths?
Clearing your blurred lens,
enhancing your view.

Who never said bye,
and joined every sigh?
Stood firm by your side,
wiping tears you cried.

Who will remain here,
loyal till no end?
Listens through your ears,
Projects, and defends.

Who urges your tries,
hoping you comply?
Uses both your eyes,
so you can rise high.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Swallowed Feelings

Invisible tears,
discretely hide pain,
exposing deep fears,
always kept contained.

A stone in her eye,
makes her torn mind cry,
difficult to blink,
and so hard to think.

The lump in her throat
masking her harsh chokes,
by muting loud screams,
that control this dream.

A fury so fierce
rings straight through her ears,
it punches her gut
producing a rut.

Her swallowed emotions,
turns red blood to poison,
she nurtures her heart,
prays for a new start.

Starting to feel clear,
bright answers appear,
perceiving great views,
making them all true.

Only stepping forward,
facing goals and dreams,
vibrations flow towards,
a positive stream.

Water wets her feet,
light sprinkles the ground,
inside feeling sweet,
resetting her crown.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I sometimes like to close my eyes
then hold my breath at the same time,
erase turmoil from my weak mind,
but fragments stay, lagging behind.

Surrounded while feeling alone,
suspicious when kind acts are shown.
Expecting my trust to be blown,
doubting myself and all I know.

All steps I take lead to regrets,
shaking my head, try to forget.
Each passing day always resets,
brings better views as life offsets.

Find inner strength let anguish go,
inhaling peace, feel as it flows.
I swallow time to take life slow,
so that my will can slowly grow.

Enlightened steps now lead the way,
my heart beats to the chants I say.
Knowing that life is a grand play,
sprinkle stardust on dreams that stay.

Embrace my days let go at night,
stay positive, expand insight.
Search deep within to find my light,
throw it up high so joys shine bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A sip of coffee with sweet foam
brings me to my childhood home.
Scents and flavors interweave
playful thoughts kept me naive.

Mystical nights on the phone,
magical days of unknowns,
chose pretend and make-believe,
painted world my eyes conceived.

A gulp of water twist of lime,
brings me back to present times,
offering all I can give,
forming the life I will live.

Obtain all the goals I crave,
heartbeats strong, feeling so brave,
knowing all actions I see,
are directed back to me.

A guzzle of pure love and light
transports me to a bright sight.
Sparkles twinkle on my face,
formless body kissed with grace.

All good things will follow through,
build the stories pick and choose,
ask a question, build a view,
then examine what I drew.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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