Cion Mamá

La luz de Carmen,
refleja sobre mi.
Acaricia mi cara,
haciéndome dormir,
Ilumina mis sueños,
sin principio ni fin.
Limpia mis fracturas,
suspiran mi sentir.

La luz de Carmen,
inspira mi reir.
Cose mi sonrisa,
ayuda sin decir.
Fuerza de cemento,
un corazón de miel.
Carga sentimientos,
muy puro y siempre fiel.

Cion Mama (English)

The light of Carmen,
reflects upon me
caressing my face,
putting me to sleep
Brightens my dreams,
with no beginning or end.
Cleans up my fractures
while sighing my feeling.

The light of Carmen,
inspire my laugh
Sew my smile
while quietly helping.
It cements my strength,
with a heart made of honey
carries feelings,
very pure and always faithful.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Today is my mother’s birthday. Her given name is Luz del Carmen though she goes by Carmen. Spanish is her primary language so as a tribute to her I decided to try posting in spanish for the day. The flow and structure for the english translation may be a bit off but hopefully you can get the gist of it. Happy Birthday! Felicidades Mami!💕

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  1. Oh my Grace… I don’t speak a word of Spanish … but I read it aloud … with a really bad accent… it’s so pretty! Carmen must have been a diamond in the sky!🙂

  2. A beautiful tribute to your loving mom, Grace, on her birthday! So touching! Felicidades por Este poema 🎉💐💖

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