A sip of coffee with sweet foam
brings me to my childhood home.
Scents and flavors interweave
playful thoughts kept me naive.

Mystical nights on the phone,
magical days of unknowns,
chose pretend and make-believe,
painted world my eyes conceived.

A gulp of water twist of lime,
brings me back to present times,
offering all I can give,
forming the life I will live.

Obtain all the goals I crave,
heartbeats strong, feeling so brave,
knowing all actions I see,
are directed back to me.

A guzzle of pure love and light
transports me to a bright sight.
Sparkles twinkle on my face,
formless body kissed with grace.

All good things will follow through,
build the stories pick and choose,
ask a question, build a view,
then examine what I drew.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


An angel whispered in my ear,
singing a song easing my fears.
This angel made my eyes shed tears,
he took my hand and pulled me near.
Shifting my gears, made my views clear,
he kissed my head then disappeared.

I felt alone also afraid,
my angel left, his love betrayed.
He grabbed my heart, used it to play,
all sadness grew, my grief was weighed.
The sunny light transformed to shade,
fell on my knees, silently prayed.

One sunlit morning he reappeared,
he sang his song, we danced and cheered.
He cut my sorrows with sharp shears,
enhanced my life all steps he steered.
His lingered song is always here,
he volunteered to guide my years.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Slightly past the edge of time,
inches from its beginnings.
Ticking clocks no longer chime,
still the world just keeps spinning.

A small spark touches the air,
brightening the thirsty sky.
Stardust flies up everywhere,
glowing as darkness gains shine.

Sleepy eye with a slow blink,
opens wide to a full moon.
Serving as a lasting link,
light and dark both dance intune.

Swaying till brightness explodes
giving life to new sunrays.
Creating new open roads,
manifesting everyday.

Nature soon appears with ease,
the breeze swims in with the rain.
Misting every growing tree
so that earth can self sustain.

Every being receives gifts,
a new page to write a tale.
Different species coexist
all together setting sail.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

A Thousand

I made over a thousand friends
in two hundred forty-nine days.
Sharing my thoughts, using my pen,
I read and grew in many ways.

They welcomed me with open arms,
exposing me to different forms.
Don’t get me wrong some wrang alarms,
some disappeared, others stayed warm.

Some comments came straight from the heart,
others just skimmed, but that’s okay.
Each special for doing their part,
helping me grow a bit each day.

I started out so insecure,
had never shared my work before.
Slowly I started to feel sure,
let go of fears, opened the door.

My WordPress friends have different strengths,
inspiring my steps to expand.
All passionately carry depth,
abundant talent in their hands.

How fun it feels to build rapport,
forming some bonds that will not end.
I thank you all for your support,
it helped me feel more confident.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Within a blink,
earth spins and goes.
As nature shrinks,
capital grows.

Nurturing dies,
drowning in time.
Hurricanes cry,
humans defy.

Here to just take,
no giving acts.
Infested lakes,
more signed contracts.

Corrupted system
to be deferred.
Earth is a victim,
with pleas unheard,

The honey bees,
fly just to flee.
Cut forest trees,
polluted breeze.

Lingering kill
connections fall.
The world stands still
as nature calls.

Absorbing light
and all sun rays.
Hold on for life
and better days.

Feel comfort in
this cozy dome.
As the world spins,
treat it like home.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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