Fall and Rise

Simply unique, hard to explain,
bites her lips hard to feel the pain.
Swallows lost words she wants to say,
her thoughts run wild in distinct ways.

Wears a fake smile, like many do,
yet her heart always remains true.
Performs her part, forces a laugh,
keeps her eyes focused on her path.

They see her fall, she has breakdowns,
then stands up proud, to face the crowd.
She has a flair, inwardly twirls,
while being seen as a plain girl.

Her deep cuts bleed like everyone,
plants blissful seeds til hurts gone.
After she leaves her essence stays,
beautiful soul brightens each day.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #215 hosted by Fandango

Undying Hope

Clip her wings,
to stop her flight,
cage her in,
cover her site.
Hear her sing
in her dim light,
shadows swing
to reach new heights.

provides more fight,
laugh and play
as if alright.
Life displays
beautiful sights,
as she prays
her heart stays bright.

Letting go
when held too tight,
always knows
to remove spite.
Nice and slow
inner delight,
as she flows
into the night.

Wonders high
like a proud kite,
glow filled eyes
her soul ignites.
Spirit flies,
tales overwrite.
Graceful skies,
faith reunites.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


The world I see
is not for me,
judgmental breeze,
from which I flee.

I wish for ways
to find escapes,
entrapping tape
keeps me at bay.

I long to heal
from the unreal,
new world reveals
all that I feel.

I plant a seed
wishes concede,
forces agree
to set me free.

I move and sway
a different way,
another day
does what I say

A stronger voice
offers a choice,
play like a toy
or create joy.

Happiness grew
from what I drew,
all I pursue
now becomes tru

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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