Three steps forward,
two steps back.
Slow but surely
kept on track.
Pushing onward,
being pulled.

Find the courage
and the strength,
laying dormant
holding faith.

Focussed intent
form glories,
new stories.

Borrow bright light
from the stars,
swallow swiftly
dissolve tar.
Ignite magic
start the fire
love transpires

Fulfilled wishes,
choose to fly,
bright warm kisses,
push them high.
Flow-through endless
turquoise hues,
a tremendous
seamless view

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Doing what she must
as ways to survive.
Smacking her own face
just to feel alive.

Numbed to all the pain,
seasoned to betrayal.
Holding her weak heart,
knowing she will fail.

Crying without tears,
she screams, no one hears,
cover her own ears,
to shelter her fears.

Falling to the ground,
with no one around,
Finds strength to stand proud,
fixes her tilted crown.

Exhales all the hell,
she had to endure,
then takes a full breath
to feel reassured.

Stands on her two feet,
her head in the air,
as her inner force,
tempts her to now dare.

Knowing deep inside
her aim can build towers.
Cradles brighter views,
embracing her power.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Flying my kite,
as I search for lost hope.
Hope flies too high,
tug its transparent rope

Rope made of thorns,
that cuts straight at my hands.
Hands feel so scorned,
as my knowledge expands

Expands power,
I kept hidden inside.
Inside the tower,
where my energies hide

Hide the ego,
I refuse to accept.
Accept, light flows,
while dismissing the rest

The rest fills needs,
in this balancing act.
Acts without greed,
ensures love will attract

Attract new paths,
opening many roads.
Roads to success,
destinations unfold

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Climbing up an endless rose,
slippery ride, hold tight to hope.
Pulling up while sliding down,
turns his bright smile into a frown.

Thorny stem transforms to steps,
making this chore less complex,
fragrant scents perfume the air,
somehow life starts to seem fair.

Misty rain cures his thirst,
he wonders which effect came first,
knowing rise is not endless,
or being able to progress.

Then it happened rapidly,
his legs ascended avidly.
At the top, he felt a hug,
from his awaiting ladybug.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Most people crave
positive flows,
so hard to give

what goes unknown.
So hard to see

when never shown,
cradle your heart

until it glows.

When negative

is all you see,
it hides all hopes

with lock and key.
One must dig deep

to set it free,
emotion waves

flow like the sea.

Break all restraints

along with chains,
do not let fears

provide constraints.
Found inner strength

will dictate gains,
watch as all goals

pour down like rain.

Create your own

positive vibe,
great energy

hard to describe.
Once it arrives

keep and subscribe,
when possible

share and prescribe.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Progress can take time.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Slowly but surely.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Set Free

A mountain of lies,
built one at a time,
increasing in size,
right before my eyes

A city of trust,
all covered with dust,
provoking disgust,
deceptions unjust

An ocean of pain,
swoops into my brain,
foreseeing great gain,
while breaking the chain

A field of bright dreams,
crops made of light gleams,
past flows off the stream,
soul feels clear and beams

A garden of hope,
pick each one to cope,
old slippery slopes,
are sealed envelopes.

An island of thoughts
displays inner force,
as life runs its course,
discover the source

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Wake up and go, do what you do,
laugh like a fool, while playing cool.

Go through your day, no time to play,
as feelings sway, in disarray.
Hold a brave face, keep it in place,
another chase, an unknown race.
Good afternoon never goes soon,
horrible swoon, howl at the moon.
Another night, turn off the light,
thoughts hold too tight, sleep puts a fight

Wake up and go, write your own show,
make your life glow, change up the flow.

Go through your day, make time to play,
watch feelings sway, enjoy sun rays.

Smile on your face, that stays in place,
no need to chase a winning race.

Good afternoon, time flies too soon,
internal swoon, hello full moon.

A better night, feeling so light,
hold pillow tight, sleep feels so right.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Inspiration( by Grace and Francis)

Awakened by the thunder,
And the rain.
So real-a-dream in my slumber,
But the memories remain.

Felt shaken, drenched in sweat,
still sleeping yet awake,
try to steady my breath,
feel real, no longer fake

Conscious reality now that I’m awake
Brought forth from the world of dreams
Make no mistake,
A spark of passion, with golden beams.

Lights up my unsure mind
then sparks within my heart,
stirred up and well defined,
this moment marks the start.

An old-fashioned-loose leaf canvas,
Sensational revelations in ink,
Only wisdom and spark can grant this,
Through an artistical blend-woven in sync.

Fears cease and surrender,
both tears and canvas dry.
Inspired by the splendor,
to relentlessly try.

Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy and Francis J. Lamanna (Noozbuffet)

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