I lay my pen then close my eyes,
think of the times that slipped us by.
Relive the laughs we will not have,
we were as one but now just half.

Turn the page a different tale,
we were both good, never went stale.
Always a theme in stories told,
kissed by warm lights melting the cold.

A fairytale from long ago,
when knees were bent, while life flowed slow.
As liquid words absorb all ink,
diminished love, made our hearts sink.

Stories are told, one day at a time,
no clear-cut views, reason, or rhyme.
A simple truth that was perceived,
lived long ago by you and me.

Written by young hearts filled with hope,
climbing steep hills and endless ropes.
Adventures end with distinct paths,
glad to have met your exposed hand.

– Grace Y. Estevez


You promised to stay,
but your actions were swayed.

I could not remain,
heavy-hearted with pain

Left here all alone,
I feel like a lost stone
Seasons carry time,
mine arrived as bells chimed.

You seem nonchalant,
did you get what you want?

Do not ask what you know,
as relief I now own

Wanting back what I had,
missing you makes me sad.

Though we may be apart,
love has no end or start.

Learning how to accept,
teaches me to connect.

As your smile lights me up,
filling my empty cup.

With a loving farewell,
no more reasons to dwell.

I am always with you,
essence forever true.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Lessons remove
curing unknown
absorbing shunned
preventing cold

Lessons arrive
At times they feel
Unaware of
expands thoughts to
better fit

Lessons provide
Opened eyes can
always see,
preventing waves
of unease.

Lessons remain
assigning new
guiding towards

– Grace Y. Estevez


I will not impose on your new life,
just need to know if you are alright.
Did you remember to turn off the lights,
and turn them back on when skies dim at night

Sorry to impose but I need to ask,
was this always you? Did I love a mask?
Does your heart still feel or has it turned black?
When did we become just another task?

Regret to impose, but just one more thing.
Now that I left, do you whistle and sing?
Have you discovered you now have new wings?
Is life much better, since you cut all strings?

Can not impose, with my eyes set on me,
no made up visions of what we should be.
Standing on my own, firm like a proud tree.
Floating like a wave that travels by sea.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Who pointed out contrast, making foreign wrong?
What made ignorance show, then stay for so long?
Where do dreams go, if great failures prolong?
Is compassion real with emotions withdrawn

When will we see beyond the body and skin?
Why are our differences perceived as a sin?
How can we fix life for our next of kin?
Can we stop second-guessing, then maybe win?

Who made us afraid of embracing the new?
What shadowed our hearts obstructing all views?
Where was that seed planted that sprouted and grew?
Did benevolence expire, or maybe just flew?

When did a quick walk, transform to steep climbs?
Why is a stained tear, worth less than a dime?
How can human eyes, see others like grime?
Was peace ever real and did it tarnished through time?

Who began the turmoil, will never be known.
What will make things better, can slowly be shown.
Change can always begin within our own throne.
While meeting ourselves, feel empowered alone.

When morals are studied and warmth is then spread.
Why hug a warped value, reach new ones instead.
Change is sure to take place, keep looking ahead.
Prepare your own meals, do not eat what is fed.

– Grace Y Estevez


If paddling a boat through the darkest tar,
the tar ensures you will not get too far.
Too far to picture a path towards light,
as light will grasp on, resolving all fights

Fights no longer yours, yet you did not let go,
let go of the knots that keep you from control.
Controlling steep steps you have chosen to take,
taking what is real, removing the fake.

The fake can be scanned with a fine toothed comb,
combing through tough knots, while clearing wide roads.
Wide roads show views seen indefinitely,
indefinite scenes, lived infinitely

Infinite tug of wars between good and bad,
bad thoughts quickly fade, hearing as you command.
Command with your eyes as they disclose all truths,
truth unmasking ego, exposing true you

– Grace Y. Estevez


Strong magnetic words
attached to my mind,
attracting lost tears,
no longer confined

I turn them around
but they just repel,
they fall back on me
disarming my shell.

Magnetic energy
with intentions said,
unbalance my senses
then bounce in my head.

Replaying each letter
that form every word,
unstabling spirit,
harsh ego transferred.

Magnetic forces
all come to a halt,
clearing my scarred wounds,
removing the salt.

Enclosing a shield
around my own soul,
sharpening visions,
regaining control.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Invisible chains
are hard to remove,
they keep you in place
you can not improve

Ambitions on hold,
not hoping too far,
unseen slavery,
familial scar

Growing intention
slithers up the spine,
lingered rejections
draw a solid line

Fear is the leader
of imprisoned minds,
creating a cage
that make your eyes blind

Ignite inner fire,
try hard to resist,
the next generation
will learn to persist

A key in your heart
will vanquish the chains,
providing a chance
to remove the pain

Hold on to your light,
allow it to guide,
take steps to live free
with strength by your side

– Grace Y. Estevez

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