Worthy Crown

She walks for miles,
to hand out smiles,
will go the length,
to provide strength,
feels guilt inside,
disguised as pride,
but can’t say “no”,
so love won’t go.

Her big brown eyes,
are filled with sighs,
silently cries,
till tears run dry,
then plays pretend,
supports her friends,
always so strong,
shelters all storms.

The perfect days,
are on their way,
sun shines bright rays,
conquers all grays,
the time to bend,
finally ends,
she makes a choice,
to free her voice.

Her hands still help,
everyone else,
quenches her thirst,
learns she comes first,
life turns around,
presents a crown,
joy fills her face,
she shines with grace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Right? Wow!! You can be the kindest person ever while also being kind to your own self πŸ’™
    Bravo!!! This is my mantra for as long as I liveπŸ’™
    Amazing as always!!

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  3. “The perfect days are on their way..” just have to be patient, much needed to read this amazing poetry described by you in motivational way. Thank you so much Grace.πŸ’• Amazing poetry as alwaysπŸ’–

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