Worthy Crown

She walks for miles,
to hand out smiles,
will go the length,
to provide strength,
feels guilt inside,
disguised as pride,
but can’t say “no”,
so love won’t go.

Her big brown eyes,
are filled with sighs,
silently cries,
till tears run dry,
then plays pretend,
supports her friends,
always so strong,
shelters all storms.

The perfect days,
are on their way,
sun shines bright rays,
conquers all grays,
the time to bend,
finally ends,
she makes a choice,
to free her voice.

Her hands still help,
everyone else,
quenches her thirst,
learns she comes first,
life turns around,
presents a crown,
joy fills her face,
she shines with grace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Embrace all possibilities,
the future holds no guarantees.
Ignore all probabilities,
adjusting sensibilities.

Embrace all possibilities,
whats meant to be, will always be.
A win or loss holds the same key
that leads to fated destiny.

Embrace all possibilities,
draw strength from letting hopes fly free.
Stop doubting capabilities,
have faith in self abilities.

Embrace all possibilities,
so open paths are clear to see.
Illuminating brilliantly,
as each step shines infinitely.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

I am so excited to have been nominated for author of the month by Spillwords Press. It has taken me years to find the courage to publish anything I have written, so you can only imagine what this nomination means to me. If you enjoy my poetry, I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to vote for me. General Voting will be officially held from 3/26 (Today) – 3/29 (Tuesday) and will be conducted via this page: https://spillwords.com/vote/. Thank you so much for all of your support during the past fourteen months. In that time, you have all inspired me to write over 900 poems. I am so grateful to this amazing WordPress community. đź’•

Search and Find

Heart of honey
may sound funny,
at times too sweet,
to feel complete.

Heart with pure love
sent from above,
no one sees it,
never quite fits.

Heart turns concrete
searching the street,
always hurting,
self subverting.

Heart becomes numb
feeling so dumb,
lost all purpose
in this circus.

Heart learns to cope,
creates new hope,
shining so bright,
attracts delight.

Heart made so pure
is self assured,
connects with soul,
heals and feels whole.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Inner Acceptance

the cuts,
hope traumas flee.
all shoves,
into gold keys.
truths are set free.
white doves,
bring what will be.
thoughts I could see.
to love,
all parts of me.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Self Forgiveness

With lowered eyes
and a hushed mouth,
silence my sighs,
while in mid route.

Plastered smiles fly,
push sorrows down.
Happy disguise,
covers deep frowns.

Frantic inside,
loud voices shout,
hurt and chastised,
in and throughout.

Draw breath in tight,
knees hit the ground,
faith flows up high,
angelic sounds.

Sweat beads baptize,
hopes swirl around,
wishes arise,
dissolving clouds.

Stop to revise
regrets and doubts.
Life provides light,
that clear and sprout.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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