Lost and Found

Wrapped in sorrows,
few words spoken.
Saddened stale years
served as tokens.

Sweetest gestures,
strung love along.
Flung wicked words
forever strong.

Listened to lies,
new ones each day.
Danced in spotlights
as anguish played.

Spewed blank phrases
no conviction.
Blown air kisses,

Captured tears bring
formed addictions.

Standing prepared,
fully withdrawn.
Making this time,
the final straw.

Feeling ready
to let this go.
Slowly sculpting,
a grand plateau.

Glimmering eyes,
smiling so bright.
Inner hues shine,
new found delight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Sacrifice can be okay
but should not rule every day.
Resentments will find their way,
at times they linger and stay.

Give to give, never to take,
do not make pure actions fake.
Hear silent cries as they shout,
fulfill needs without a doubt.

No one gives what they don’t have,
assisting, cutting in half.
Provide fully, then grant more,
selfless life or endless chore.

People do what one allows,
form boundaries, draw them out.
Take a stand, find inner voice,
proving acts come from free choice.

Search within, find the right words,
sing them loud, so they are heard.
Stand up straight to take a stand,
let heartbeats dictate commands.

Expose true self, feel secure,
self-acceptance is a cure.
Confidence makes each step sure,
deeds are clear, intentions pure.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Yours truly made a change,
invented myself new.
Controlling my own stage,
to me, I will be true.

All energy within
wishes to shine brightly.
Now destined for the wins,
embracing joys tightly.

The new me always laughs,
likes to dance and enjoy.
No longer feels like half,
filled up every last void.

Some thunderstorms crash hard
to clear up hidden wounds.
Sometimes a single drop
can feed a whole commune.

Why cry and carry pain?
Instead, let go and heal.
Life should be filled with gain,
not problems and ordeals.

Each breath will come and go,
lifetimes can feel so brief.
Inner change helped me grow,
by turning a new leaf.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Skies were dark, gray, and cloudy,
all alone, I screamed so loudly.
Silenced ears heard sharp sounds made,
all alone, feeling insane.

Surrounded by laughing toys,
all alone, my screams deployed.
No one heard a word I said,
all alone, holding my head.

No one notices my eyes,
all alone, my screams are high.
Everyone dancing so free,
all alone, scream on my knees.

Skies were bright the sun arrived,
all alone, my screams survived.
Learning how to heal inside,
all alone, old tears ran dry.

Felt a presence, say hello,
all alone, my scream hummed low.
Instant ease feeling great care,
all alone, no longer scared.

Opened up my beating heart,
all alone, my screams depart.
Precious gift sent from above,
all alone, found inner love.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Afraid of losing
a comfort I know.
Scared of reducing
devotion you show.

I walk on tiptoes
to not ring alarms.
I pose like a rose,
win you with my charm.

Frightened by your eyes
they may see my flaws.
Jump if you imply
you need a bit more.

Your needs must come first
always placed above.
Quench all of your thirsts
make sure you feel loved.

Embrace breaths of ease,
decide to relax.
Focusing on me
not looking for cracks.

Seize light from within,
sense as hearts attach.
Self-love always wins,
all else will attract.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


They say all emotions,
live within the heart,
degrees of devotion
sets each one apart.

A heart pumped by anger,
rejects a soft touch,
relies on an anchor
or revolts too much.

A heart pumped by sadness,
adheres when embraced,
pounds swiftly to gladness,
igniting its pace.

A heart pumped by true love
flutters like a dove
lingering up above
warms souls like a glove.

A heart pumped by pure joy,
gives off neutral hues,
known to quickly destroy
all unwanted views.

They say that all feelings,
dwell deep in the heart.
Embrace inner healing,
balance every part.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Inner Flow

I tap my feet
to my own beat.
I move around
on solid ground.

I step on land
not on quicksand.
I make mistakes
but never break.

I form techniques
for what I seek.
I do not speak
words that are bleak.

I catch the ball
my goals befall.
I hardly wait
or hesitate.

I try to touch
but not too much.
I expand grace
but do not chase.

I search inside
follow my guide.
I emit light
make dark paths bright .

I like to live
life judgments free.
I know that you
are one with me.

I build a life
with my insight.
I choose the views,
paint joyful hues.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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