One day in time,
I walked life free,
laughed loud and proud,
climbed many trees.
I danced and sang
knew dreams would be,
standing so tall
believed in me

One cloudy night
you brought the rain.
Stripped confidence,
made me insane.
Holding me back,
I could not gain.
Introduced me
to constant pain.

One sunny day
my heart grew cold,
the blood it pumped
was frosty snow.
As sunlight lit
I gained control,
walking away
letting you go.

One afternoon
the warmest June,
my voice was cracked
and out of tune.
Looked at the sky
noticed moon hues,
reflections showed
that I am you.

One part of me
I wish to hide,
eyes will not see
I have two sides,
lone part so strong
quickly decides,
the sweeter one
serves as a guide.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

25 thoughts on “Whole

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  1. Your broken heart was mending under Cupid’s medicine
    as you became stronger and grew to know true love
    when love knocked at your mended heart to love again!!

  2. Wow Grace, this is so so beautiful!!!!! There’s a magical flow here that is effortlessly graceful! 😉 You had me at the title and I was intrigued throughout!!!! Your pieces are always so inspiring, thoughtful and deep – you take me on dreamy adventures!!!! Much love, my dear friend 🖤🤗💖

    1. Thanks for the love and continual support, my dear friend. Your words mean more than I can ever truly express. I appreciate you, Ace.❤️

      1. Awwww of course, I mean every word!!! The feeling is mutual, dear friend 🖤🤗

  3. beautifully expressed Grace. 2 parts of us always trying to drown the other out making it vital to listen to our highest self. 💖👏🌷

  4. Very dreamy, magical and and beautiful, Grace! I love poems that touch the heart and soul. Stay blessed♥️🌻🙏

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