One day in time,
I walked life free.
Laughs echoed chimes,
swung from tall trees.
Danced, skipped, and sang,
knew dreams would be.
Inner bells rang,
believed in me.

One cloudy night,
you brought the rain.
Stripped away light,
made me insane.
Held back my glee,
I could not gain.
Introduced me
to constant pain.

One sunny day,
my heart grew cold,
Blood pumped away,
timid turned bold.
As sunlight hit,
regained control.
Our road was split,
grasped what you stole.

One afternoon,
looked at the sky,
transient moon,
was painted high.
Reflective hues
twinkled my eyes,
showed I am you,
then faded by.

One part of me
no longer hides,
now forced to see,
there are two sides.
Was never gone,
still lives inside,
combined as one,
protects and guides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – November 22, 2022
Prompt – Transient

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