In between my heart and mind,
lives a voice quite hard to find.
clear to speak from deep inside,
giving truths while being kind

In between my heart and mind,
ample taste for lives designed,
not staying within the lines,
all fun games are undefined

In between my heart and mind,
expired thoughts fall far behind,
choices grasped if so inclined,
tearful eyes strong lights can blind.

In between my heart and mind,
loyal acts are ties that bind,
essence felt become aligned,
past scented times dance entwined.

In between my heart and mind,
inner conflicts are declined,
brilliant wisdom carry shine,
innocence perceived divine

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. This was amazing and the repeated lines make it that much stronger. Great piece ❤️🖊

  2. Repetition holds the pieces of this amazing poem together and keeps us readers engaged. The heart and mind is always present in all actions. Great composition. Thanks for reaching my heart and mind🙂

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