Should I simply save my words?
Will they impact if they’re heard?
Can they be buried real deep?
Will they eternally sleep?

Could my throat swallow bad thoughts?
Will my tongue slip and report?
Can they be clogged with wild dreams?
Do mute wishes provoke screams?

Would days be smooth once I speak?
Will I receive peace I seek?
Can senses heighten deep sounds?
Could lost emotions be found?

If I sing will feelings flee?
Will they live forever free?
Can they pass infinity?
Blow like dust make history.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Judgmental Mirror

Thieves expect others to steal,
their own guilts slowly revealed.
Deep mistrust so hard to heal,
their own actions well concealed.

Hypocrites all hate the same,
pointing fingers without shame.
Pretend to play righteous games,
dodge from accepting the blame.

A cheat thinks others will cheat,
passion and suspicion meet.
Afraid own deeds will repeat,
watch as inner peace retreats.

Liars find it hard to trust,
promises transform to dust.
At some point all lies will bust,
honesty helps hearts adjust.

No one else lives within you,
to yourself always be true.
If accusing, self review,
so remorse does not form views.

Be at ease with who you are,
others should not wear your scars.
Let redemption raise the bar,
and self respect push you far.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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