Grandma’s Kitchen

So very far away,
stood a rustic old cafe,
essence made up of fine silk,
felt like warm cookies and milk.

Tables all covered in lace
filling up this fun-filled place,
people gathered up in crowds,
telling jokes and laughing loud.

Magic dust swept through the air,
lifting all unwanted cares,
every lost was at last found,
happiness flew all around.

Good times never seemed to cease,
spreading a love-filled disease.
while confessions snuggled safe
sheltered in this worn cafe.

Many spent wonderful years
leaving no sins left to clear,
carried this favorite spot
as a dot within their heart.

Happy thoughts forever near,
safety shield from any fear.
Memories that act as guides,
lock them up way deep inside.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Select your effects.
Choose the words you hear and speak,
make sure they nourish.

– Grace Y. Estevez


They say that age
calms down the rage,
a lonely tear
the greatest fear,
no longer care
too scared to dare,
repeating days
but still okay,
secure in skin
while clearing sins,
In love with peace
living at ease

They say that time
forgets past crimes,
it gallops by
releasing ties,
as the breeze blows
the pain will flow,
forgiving cheats
without defeat,
erasing shame
not placing blame,
remove old blues
sweep in the new.

They say that change
can be arranged,
stick to your goal
hold your control,
knowing you know
intentions grow,
take things in stride
just let it ride,
keeping your eyes
on your own prize,
focus on you
wishes come true.

– Grace Y. Estevez


So sorry my hair is too curly,
So sorry my body is curvy,
So sorry that your eyes must see,
everything that creates me.

So sorry that I’m not enough,
or that I act a bit too rough.
So sorry you can’t understand
or accept me, the way I am.

So sorry that I felt this way,
So happy that my views have swayed.
Not sorry for being who I am,
instead grateful, I took a stand.

So happy that my hair has waves,
So happy I am now so brave,
enough to laugh off , all critique,
loving myself, being unique.

So happy that I never broke,
So happy I no longer choke,
I realized I was made perfect,
not put on earth for you to affect.

So grateful for all that I know,
So grateful I now run my show.
Teaching others, what life taught me,
not dictating how they should be.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A highbrowed turtle,
nuzzled in a tough shell,
emotions once slipped,
but never quite fell.
Smartypants turtle
has nothing to learn,
frowning at others
with her nose upturned.
Experienced a life
of entitled paved ways,
humility ran with
no reason to stay.

One day met her match,
but could not believe,
dung beetle so strong,
was turtle deceived?
So full of powers,
unpleasant to see,
with the simplest form
complex underneath.
She hid in her home,
could not understand,
her eyes were quite wise
no room to expand.

How could this creature
that only ate waste,
have so many skills
and very fine taste?
Confusion set in
trying to engage,
greeting the beetle,
but feeling quite strange.
An intimidation
gave the turtle a tug,
as fear of rejection,
made her scared to be snubbed.

These new emotions
taught turtle how it felt,
from the receiving end
of cards, she once dealt.
Curious to know
what the beetle possessed,
she approached her quickly,
and story expressed.
Dung beetle was kind
sharing all her gifts,
teaching the turtle,
to touch and uplift.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Jilted boy where did you go?
Did you lose part of your soul?
Did you find your self-control?
Did you get to ride your flow?

Saddened boy, were your cries loud?
Was your head buried in clouds?
Did you fuel up hidden clowns?
Punching walls for laughs unfound?

Jittered boy did you sing songs?
After seeing you were wrong?
Ever after was prolonged,
still, my spirit felt so strong.

Graceful beauty you are missed,
peaceful essence formed your kiss.
I repaid you with both fists,
now my penance lives with this.

Never wonder how I am,
I am stuck in my own jam,
live your life with a big bam!
lion hearts can live in lambs

– Grace Y. Estevez


In between my heart and mind,
lives a voice quite hard to find.
clear to speak from deep inside,
giving truths while being kind

In between my heart and mind,
ample taste for lives designed,
not staying within the lines,
all fun games are undefined

In between my heart and mind,
expired thoughts fall far behind,
choices grasped if so inclined,
tearful eyes strong lights can blind.

In between my heart and mind,
loyal acts are ties that bind,
essence felt become aligned,
past scented times dance entwined.

In between my heart and mind,
inner conflicts are declined,
brilliant wisdom carry shine,
innocence perceived divine

– Grace Y. Estevez


A muted voice sings in your head,
the opaque words can not be read.
Loud blurry scenes live in your mind,
imagined lines left undefined.

Stardust hues create happy thoughts,
blinding both eyes from wars once fought.
Comfort your skull on silky sheets,
while all you seek is what you meet.

A glowing beam sets on your face,
shining your skin each waking day.
Sliding on rafts through streams foreseen,
living so posh, feeling so clean.

Melting my face in your deep eyes,
I meet myself, what a surprise.
All that I know, at once I see,
finding the key that lives in me.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Staring straight,
no looking back,
freezing time,
from past attacks

Blinders on,
no side-eye glance,
focused views,
leading the dance.

Embraced goals,
will turn to gold,
when intent,
outflows the mold

Grab a dream,
do not distract,
make it big,
with huge impacts

Fluttered wish,
should reach the sky.
Unframed hopes,
learn how to fly

Take a chance,
lead with self-care.
Stalled to wait,
until you dare

– Grace Y. Estevez


To be deranged
is quite unique,
standing alone
for all to see.

Different ways
lead to a thought,
no telling how
or why it formed.

Out of the box
is how we think,
oppressed by most
making us shrink.

Never afraid
to speak our truth,
for words expressed
we gather proof
Otherwise facts
are seen as lies,
no tainted words
instead stained eyes.
Our views may be
instead of seen
as clues for good.

If uniformed
is not your way,
keep your head high
pave your today.

A peaceful poise
can hold your hand,
bringing you hope
without demands
As confidence
becomes your friend,
a newfound
in you extends.
A self-belief
will guide your path,
igniting hearts
with light-filled baths.
An inner strength
will take control,
marking your words
making you bold.
Self-love increased
confidence too,
in a rare world
made just for you

– Grace Y. Estevez

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