Undying Hope

Clip her wings,
to stop her flight,
cage her in,
cover her site.
Hear her sing
in her dim light,
shadows swing
to reach new heights.

provides more fight,
laugh and play
as if alright.
Life displays
beautiful sights,
as she prays
her heart stays bright.

Letting go
when held too tight,
always knows
to remove spite.
Nice and slow
inner delight,
as she flows
into the night.

Wonders high
like a proud kite,
glow filled eyes
her soul ignites.
Spirit flies,
tales overwrite.
Graceful skies,
faith reunites.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


It takes will to pass each day,
detect truths from all the fake.
Allow guides to lead the way,
decide which view one should take.

So much more to feel concrete,
make the right choice to believe,
many stories hold deceit,
often wrongs provide relief.

Some lies are smooth to swallow,
but cause guilts that feel hollow ,
sad thoughts are hard to follow,
as regrets cloud tomorrows.

What if hearts create techniques?
that detect when answers speak,
unraveling underneath,
to see clearly down beneath.

Everyone wants to feel whole,
deep within each lonely soul,
allowing faith to patrol,
while letting spirit control.

Letting inner conscious guide,
analyze tales in all eyes.
Listen to whispers inside,
feel the hopes that life provides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Inner Love

A lonely heart
becomes insane,
crumbles apart,
embracing pain.

Navigates space,
while stuck in time.
Running in place,
all echoes chime.

Quivering hands
search for true love,
fall where they land,
to then wear gloves.

One single touch,
maybe a hug.
Is it too much?
Heartstrings are tugged.

An inner voice,
soothing yet proud,
offers a choice
that rings so loud.

A special friend,
felt deep within.
Bond never ends,
once it begins.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I sometimes like to close my eyes
then hold my breath at the same time,
erase turmoil from my weak mind,
but fragments stay, lagging behind.

Surrounded while feeling alone,
suspicious when kind acts are shown.
Expecting my trust to be blown,
doubting myself and all I know.

All steps I take lead to regrets,
shaking my head, try to forget.
Each passing day always resets,
brings better views as life offsets.

Find inner strength let anguish go,
inhaling peace, feel as it flows.
I swallow time to take life slow,
so that my will can slowly grow.

Enlightened steps now lead the way,
my heart beats to the chants I say.
Knowing that life is a grand play,
sprinkle stardust on dreams that stay.

Embrace my days let go at night,
stay positive, expand insight.
Search deep within to find my light,
throw it up high so joys shine bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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