Do you understand what I try to say?
Exhale words in air, hoping they can stay?

Question what is true, searching for what’s real,
letting others know, how and why I feel.
I create my world, all the rest is fake,
like a plastic doll, swimming in a lake.
Give reasons a twirl, always spins right back,
pointing straight at me, my own harsh attack

Do you understand how life is a game?
Does it all evolve, does it stay the same?

I could see the game, shining in my eyes,
nothing hurts too deep, everything’s a sigh.
Laugh and look around, this game is absurd,
synchronize my heart, to all sounds unheard.
Grasping hard to hope, everything is fine,
building different views, making them all mine.

Do you understand we create delight?
Can we make our light, and control how bright?

I can see my thoughts, in and throughout life.
I can close my door, I cause all my strife.
I can see the shine, glisten more with time.
I can see the dark, when I blink my eyes.
I can blink again, blinking once or twice,
turn my views around, everything is nice

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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