Do you understand what I try to say?
If I say it loud will the feelings stay?

Question what is true,
search for what is real,
let all others know,
how and what to feel.
I create my world,
all the rest is fake,
like a plastic doll,
live the tales I make.
Give reasons a twirl,
always spins right back,
points again at me,
my own harsh attack.

Do you understand how life is a game?
Does it all evolve, does it stay the same?

I could see the game,
shinning in all eyes,
nothing hurts too deep,
all feels like a sigh.
Laugh and look around,
this world is absurd,
synchronize my heart,
to sounds once unheard.
Grasp hard to pure hope,
all things will be fine,
building different views,
making them all mine.

Do you understand we create delight?
Can we make our light, and control how bright?

I can see my thoughts,
in and throughout life.
I can shut the door,
to close off all strife.
I can see the shine,
glisten more with time.
I can see the dark,
when I blink my eyes.
I can blink again,
blinking once or twice,
turn my views around,
make my world feel nice.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on January 13, 2021

True Acceptance

Leaving all ignorance behind,
no need to change another’s mind,
instead teaching all to be kind,
simply by leading hearts still blind.

Everyday searching to then find,
a voice for the ones too confined,
neglected and falling behind,
since their vast views hardly align.

Look at the sky to find a sign,
a way to change this life’s design,
so acceptance can be assigned,
knowing true joy is self defined.

Realizing all paths intertwine,
different thoughts form unique lines,
respect everyones distinct shine,
since every soul is made divine.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Prints on a finger,
are each made unique.
Eye on the trigger,
no need to critique.

Live and let live,
follow inner voice.
Hold or forgive,
each path is a choice.

Souls roam this grand earth,
to find a purpose,
not knowing their worth,
float at the surface.

Live and let live,
refrain from judging,
strain with a sieve,
stains that are smudging.

Forgive and accept,
by searching within.
Try not to expect,
just savor the wins.

Live and let live,
respect distinct ways.
Decide to give,
pure love everyday.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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