Sketch into Reality

Stop as dreams materialize,
stare as solid views form life.
Thoughts suddenly theorize,
questions laced with sparks of strife.

Fears and worries set off wars,
watch dark smoky clouds explore.
Inner battles feel so raw,
regain light then let faith draw.

Exhale what hearts want to feel,
let inner light take the wheel,
as positive quickly heals,
everyday becomes ideal.

Golden visions fly up high,
a precision traced skyline.
Sketch within the mind and eye,
to form a divine design.

Absorb time, float throughout space,
bask in a serene embrace.
Destiny holds peace in place,
truth and fiction interlace.

Endless horizons shine bright,
with a gift of pure insight.
Clarity offers delight,
grasp it quickly, hug it tight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #142 – May 09, 2023
Prompt – Skyline

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