Do problems leave when senses close?
Our minds can see the unexposed.
Feelings can hear beyond disclosed,
perceptions build to then propose.

Can hearts still break if left alone?
Harden in time, turn into stone.
Form what is real from the unknown,
preventing love from being shown.

Will tears cascade with eyes shut tight?
Sealed so aligned, no room for light.
Inner warmness kiss with insight,
eyes gleam with joy, fulfilled so bright.

Do carried scents transport through time?
Happy tastebuds will clap and chime.
Guiding the soul through major climbs,
floating to when moments are prime.

Can spirits wake with just one touch?
Ego’s firm grip will free its clutch.
Highlighting life with a paintbrush,
every new day, built bright and lush.

Will silent voices softly sing?
Euphoric tones make all ears ring.
Peaceful enchantments slowly cling,
providing answers wrapped in wings.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Can spirits wake with just one touch?
    Egoโ€™s firm grip will free its clutch.
    This line I read deeply as it demands and deservesโค๏ธโฃ๏ธ

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