Warm Presence

Crash into my heart and mind
Endless always undefined
Light of love, purely divine
Eternal rays of sunshine
Sacred touch made to entwine
Tenderness makes all hearts kind
Infinite bliss that unblinds
Always prepared to align
Linking paths to form designs

Visuals form awesome shrines
Inspires then redefines
Serene forces well combined
Inner strength flies unconfined
Outer views become refined
Never-ending hopes incline
Supreme source makes life feel fine

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A puppeteer,
happily laughs.
Eagerly steers,
a narrow path.

Pulling my strings,
making me fling,
giving me wings,
dance as he sings.

Well entertained,
as he creates.
Knowledge ingrained,
he gives as traits.

Gives me a life,
that he designs,
opens his eyes,
while closing mine.

A breath of light,
planted inside.
Provides insight,
serves as a guide.

Hides far behind,
thoughts in my mind,
feels undefined,
and so divine.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A light transcending, space and time.
A sense to taste the sweet divine.

To venture places, what a ride!
To unclasp hands, then throw them high!

An opened mind, is the main need.
To take a look, spirit is freed.

Intentions pure, nothing to hide.
Always assured, with balanced pride.

No judgement spread, from here to there,
or there to hear, between the air.

Clear scenes that hide deep in the mind,
expose themselves, become defined.

This moment here is all we are,
with unknown goals, to heal old scars
Eyes look at me, what can they gain?
Expunge their tears, capture their pain.

The lessons learned, consciousness shares,
or done in vain, too tough to b
Energy sparks fly low and high,
landing as hues in every eye.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Originally Published on January 8, 2021

Under One Sky

Between the lines, a sacred place,
while living in a spinning maze.
One world that floats without a base,
another formed by time and space.

Living in two worlds intertwined,
one is determined and defined,
the other not all eyes can find,
but still exists and flows divine.

Living in two worlds at one time,
without a clue, reason, or rhyme.
Where strong instinct push every climb,
a sense of wholeness feels sublime.

Living in two worlds is a lot,
both carry with a distinct plot,
to untie one creates a knot,
so bitter cold or scolding hot.

Living in two worlds as they merge,
aware that positive will serge,
one place where negative thoughts purge,
so hearts and souls meet and converge.

Within one world it feels the same,
the dreams hearts bury, feed the flame.
Stand clear to focus on the aim,
hold true felt wishes, then reclaim.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Go Beyond

Magic flows through fingertips,
whispers of truths escape lips.
Soul and eyes form an eclipse,
stare so wise, it makes hearts skip.

A quick touch, power extends,
energy that has no end.
Positive vibes come to mend,
hurtful thoughts that condescend.

Mystical presence takes grip,
held attention cannot slip.
Logic and feelings both flip,
peaceful flow cause ego strip.

Nerves and fear swiftly unbend,
intrigue and joy dance then blend.
Mistakes absolve, guilts amend,
letting go to comprehend.

Hidden wings, shears cannot clip,
mind and spirit take a trip.
Instant journey, divine ship,
gain awareness in a zip.

Every thought slowly suspends,
till wishes learn to ascend.
Forever feeling content,
knowing how a soul transcends.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Silent Form

A burst of light,
flung in mid air,
a fateful sight,
to all those there.
Without a fight,
worn eyes held stares,
hearts reached new heights,
accepted dares.
The hues were bright,
rebuked despair,
fluorescent white,
instant repair.
Shines every night,
flows without care,
errors made right,
life becomes fair.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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