A sip of coffee with sweet foam
brings me to my childhood home.
Scents and flavors interweave
playful thoughts kept me naive.

Mystical nights on the phone,
magical days of unknowns,
chose pretend and make-believe,
painted world my eyes conceived.

A gulp of water twist of lime,
brings me back to present times,
offering all I can give,
forming the life I will live.

Obtain all the goals I crave,
heartbeats strong, feeling so brave,
knowing all actions I see,
are directed back to me.

A guzzle of pure love and light
transports me to a bright sight.
Sparkles twinkle on my face,
formless body kissed with grace.

All good things will follow through,
build the stories pick and choose,
ask a question, build a view,
then examine what I drew.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Silver lakes with golden dust,
made to remove, tarnished rust.
Take a dip and be surprised,
every trouble is revised.

Warm bright lights shine deep below,
look around awed by the glow.
Suddenly energy grows,
laying free, feeling the flow.

Hear the breeze whisper a song,
close my eyes and feel so strong.
Miracles slowly appear,
as all answers become clear.

Mystical euphoric rays,
mists wise eye, removing haze.
Opens up powerful force,
true connection with pure source.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


How can I give the unreceived?
Creating paths so steps are paved.
How can I trust after deceived?
Give trust a chance by being brave.

How can I rest if fearing violence?
Knowing pure light is always blessed.
How can I speak while being silenced?
A message sought will self express.

How can I reach goals with self doubt?
Believe in you knowing you can.
How can I feel joy while without?
Grasp inner light and form a plan.

How can I know when ego guides?
It doubts all answers that feel right.
How can I know where true love hides?
Searching within everyone’s eyes.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Oblivious Joy

I wish at times to
blind my eyes.
Unknow the truth
from time to time.

Enjoy a movie
as it is,
not search to see
clues held within.

I wish I would have
never seen,
what goes beyond
the in-between.

So I could live
a normal life.
Play ignorant,
create my strife.

I wish that I
could not foresee,
paths that unwind
and what will be.

So I can let fate
reel me in,
follow my bliss
focus within.

Touched by a light
so warm and bright.
It lit my sight
I gained new heights.

With opened eyes,
I searched the skies.
Infinite sighs
pulled me up high.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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