A light transcending,
space and time.
A sense to taste
the sweet divine.

Intentions pure,
nothing to hide.
Always assured,
a balanced pride.

An opened mind,
is all you need.
To take a look,
inside of me.

No judgement given,
from here to there,
or there to hear,
between the air.

To venture places,
what a ride!
To hold your hands,
then throw them high!

A moment here
is all we are,
with unknown goals,
driving cool cars!

Eyes look at me,
what can they gain?
Expunge their tears.
capture their pain.

I don’t know how
to sing a song,
or have “right” words,
what if I’m wrong?

But lessons learned
I have to share,
or done in vain.
way too unfair!

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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