School Time

Extra pencils packed to lend,
ball point red, blue, and black pens.
Awkward, timid, with great friends,
tried to keep up with new trends.

Read out loud, convey clearly,
answer questions eagerly.
Folded notes passed secretly,
carefully, swift, and quickly.

Recess comes as the bell rings,
never know what lunch time brings.
Laugh so loud, happily sing,
feel at peace till class begins.

Teachers always hold the key,
watch the clock till it turns three,
run so fast, feeling so free,
with no thoughts of “what will be.”

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for the Prompt of the Week by Lady Jabberwocky with the theme of β€œSchool Days”

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  1. Time at school is a constant back and forth where life goes by without noticing despite the details described in your lyrics.
    Always a pleasure to read you, friend Grace.
    Best regards.

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