Will he ever be satisfied?
An inner force tugs him inside.
Will his hurt heart be gratified?
Once he lets his soul lead and guide.

What will he do once goals are reached?
Create a plan that can not breach.
What will he do after he peaks?
Search for adventures to then seek.

Will he feel well after he cries?
He is not sure but needs to try.
Will his despair suddenly rise?
He hopes his wishes flutter high.

What will he learn once words are read?
The many ways knowledge could spread.
What will he say with phrases said?
A new remark flies through his head.

Will he feel at rest after sleep?
Just to wake up as the same sheep.
Will his profound thoughts feel as deep?
Power his path and help him leap?

What will he find after white light?
His true self dancing ever bright.
What will he see with full insight?
A future made of pure delight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. I like the call-and-response nature of this poem, as hope answers doubt with a calm, grounded inner voice. This is a delightful poem. πŸ™‚

  2. I feel like I so much needed to read something like this. This is very well crafted, in a way that only you know of. Beautifully written ❀❀

  3. Oh I loved this poem Grace.. I think this is a sloth yes? I’m coming back as one next life.. i think he just is.. this is such a good pondering questions we all ask.. “delight” “A future made of pure delight.”

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