Stop, pause, breathe, look all around,
break from staring at the ground.
Admire skies filled with sunshine,
opened eyes expand your mind.

Focus on the good in life,
not just on worn troubled strife.
Enjoy short breaks after a hike,
soak fresh breeze riding a bike.

Find great joy reading a book.
Good advice expressed with looks.
Teary eyes from laughing strong,
singing to your favorite song.

Perfumed thoughts start with one rose,
inhale deep, tickle your nose.
Nostrils guide you towards baked treats,
peppermints, coffees, and teas.

Discover joy on a boat ride.
Not winning first, knowing you tried.
A mirrored face that smiles and winks.
Conversations that made you think.

Stolen senses from romance.
Happy memories of a fun dance.
A mountain, beach, or city lights.
Your inner child feeling alright.

Remembering happy birthdays.
Celebrate fun holidays.
Cease from looking back at sorrows,
instead, build pleasant tomorrows.

Heartfelt joy needs no money,
bliss turns blood into honey,
flies like a dove up above,
experience sweet, divine love.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Sweet and Salty

With every clever year,
lessons gained adjust life.
Happiness conquers fears,
letting joy fill lifetimes.

With every clever year,
connections are kinder.
Enjoy the now and here.
kill envy with blinders.

Good and bad, come and go,
perceptions will decide.
Fresh and salt waters flow,
life first takes, then provides.

With every clever year,
foreseen steps are measured.
Greater paths are quite clear,
tough ones, still endeavored.

With every clever year,
sorrows felt, make thoughts strong.
Hardened hearts disappear,
as kind acts linger along.

Droplets fall from the sky,
over waves on the sea,
holding years that pass by,
some are sweet, some salty.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Without a clue
out of the blue,
the old me died
reborn all new.
All past mistakes
proved to be true,
knowledge was earned
from what I knew.

Out of the blue
everything changed
the life I lived
was rearranged.
All thoughts I had
were interchanged,
my preferences
were seen as strange.

Without a clue
to what comes next,
training my heart
not to expect.
Coaching my eyes
to not project,
letting my soul
shine and reflect.

Without a clue
out of the blue,
every old sight
formed unique views.
Every past fail
carries bright hues,
lessons were learned
from which I grew.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


One fateful night,
I laid alone,
afraid my heart,
had turned to stone.

Actions at sight
changed me within,
surrendered to
unwanted sins.

Grown apathy
spread all around,
tilted my crown,
heart hit the ground.

It did not crack,
or even dent,
such solid rock,
became so dense.

One fateful day,
I realized,
that my own heart
was penalized.

I looked within,
found others harms,
determined to
regain my charm.

Watered my heart,
tears made it soft,
then empathy
played a great part.

Though undefined,
relaxed my mind,
my inner love
slowly aligned

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


A young girl born with silver hair,
had angel eyes and always dared,
to take a stand with her wise words,
as others stood just to observe.

Her words all spilled with different tones,
as people grabbed imagined stones,
to cast upon her, feeling afraid,
of the unknown and what they’d say

One day choosing to be silent,
no longer using her fine gifts,
she would not budge or even hint,
her eyes observed but kept truths in

Now everyone became upset
as if her gifts were really debts.
Demanding a surrendered speech,
while attempting to make her teach

She took her spot, center of stage,
her voice was loud and out of range.
“Do not be scared of the unknown,
instead, be glad you have been shown.
Just try to keep what resonates,
if not for you, then separate,
All that you need, you hold inside,
Just listen close and let it guide”

The words she said helped them all see,
how she acquired her sacred key.
To not judge will set bias free
so everyone can live happily.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy



Infinite time,
does not slow
Once delivered,
never goes.
Elevate from
head to toe.
All regrets are
left below.

Sadness falls like
misty snow.
Build a boat
then start to row,
make it strong
enough to tow,
others stuck,
circled by crows.

Infinite times,
comes and flows,
as the breeze,
puckers and blows.
Wisdom does not
always know
how to expand
every glow.

Endless power
always grows,
center stage,
for many shows.
Always reaping
what you sow,
energies form
high plateaus.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


I choose to see
the glass half full.
I love the sheep,
not just the wool

I feel pure joy
when friends succeed,
not thinking of
affects on me

I rather give
not just receive,
It fills my heart
but not my sleeves

In love with love,
and happiness.
I like to be
an optimist

I crawled through dark
to reach the light,
I grasped it fast
it made me bright

I try to share

lessons I learn,
So others eat
from what I earn

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Yesterday I was born,
and the day before that,
been around for decades,
living from where I sat

Resolving past trauma,
letting go of old pain,
seeing wounds as lessons
has allowed me to gain

Once again born today,
but have lived for some time.
My first breath at sunrise,
letting go every night.

I enjoy being true,
making vows I can keep,
knowing life boomerangs,
I can still soundly sleep

Born again tomorrow,
will create brighter steps,
so each day that follows
will be mine to project

Keeping positive thoughts,
will help balance my mind,
Manifesting a future,
that is one of a kind

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


It starts from inside,
I am often told,
try hard to control
the space that you hold

Dig deep from inside,
to release all cares,
becoming aware
of everything there

Change happens inside,
perceptions transform,
cradle all ice storms,
turn cold into warm

Balance from inside,
removing extremes,
extracting old scenes,
then sewing the seams

Feel free from inside,
let all the bad go,
your pure smile will glow
all joys will then grow

Find strength deep inside,
grab hold of pure light,
all day and all night
it always shines bright

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


A father could not be,
if not for a mother.
Siblings are all sisters,
if excluding their brothers.

Darkness will last all day
without bits of sunlight.
Night skies hold moon and stars,
as they twinkle and shine bright.

If all rain was erased,
the green fields would run dry,
fruitless deserts that ache,
hearing loud storm clouds cry

Anger versus hate,
equally seen as crimes.
Pure love is left to fate,
carrying infinite ties.

Life will always exceed
what wisdom discovers,
one can hardly exist
without help from the other.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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