A little girl got her first shoes,
opened the bag but felt confused.
She wished for ones like her mother’s,
but got ones worn by her brother.

Tough little girl as strong as nails,
had a strong will and dreams that scaled.
she often played outside with kids,
but could not run since her shoes slid.

This little girl, she had no clue,
her innocence hid what was true,
she lived within a paradigm,
people in need were seen as grime.

The little girl became so wise,
took every chance, studied design,
she grew up strong created plans,
to help herself and give a hand.

Bright little girl worked hard to share,
inside she always seemed to care.
Built charities at her own cost,
contributed silent support.

That little girl grew up concerned,
promised herself she would return.
Providing shoes, one of her deeds,
so kids could run, hope, and exceed.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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