A Journey

New stories written every day
of people forming history.
Reflective fears often display
anguished eyes hiding misery.

Vast seas break into frantic tears,
at night the tides bring shadows.
Sleepwalking through a beach so clear,
each foreseen step feels shallow.

Navigating through anchored dreams,
every goal left on the shore.
Gambling through loud muted screams,
winning always begs for more.

Greedy needful hallowed hunger
takes big bites off the apple.
Thirsty eyes look so much younger,
drowning sorrows lighting candles.

Stale wishes sunk by weighed down goals
are absorbed like a soaked sponge.
Memories try to rip the soul,
helpless knots stuck in the lungs.

A mouthful of air provides hope,
conscious instincts soon arise.
Run quickly on a high tight rope
knowing fate can play all sides.

The past flies above in the air,
as the future is revealed.
Balanced lessons may seem unfair,
yet provide sound ways to heal.

Every new life takes a first breath
as another takes their last.
Each person’s tale carries great depth
made of chapters they surpassed.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Fated Sail

I crank the anchor,
watch as it lifts.
I sail my boat
then let it drift.
I push my view
making them shift.
I work quite hard
to make life swift.

Winds rock my boat
from here to there.
I’m lost at sea
but do not care.
Life shakes me up
and feels unfair.
Absent from life
yet still aware.

I grab the steer,
balanced at once.
I trim the sail,
tying the knots.
I harmonize
my offbeat heart.
I convince fate
to change the plot.

Waves carry us
to where we land.
Our keel and feet
enjoy the sand.
Our life is sweet
from where we stand.
at destiny’s hand.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Like minds made
to separate.
They are placed
to generate.

Distinct views,
are all alone,
all will heal
with knowledge shown.

can soon advance,
giving gifts
of second chance.

Help someone
to start all new,
guiding them
by being true.

Light with light
brightens the path,
but does not
truly enhance.

In the dark
all light shines bright,
twinkling stars
dancing at night.

often attract.
lasting impacts

Divine love
will always spread,
mended hearts
sparkle ahead

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


One fateful night,
I laid alone,
afraid my heart,
had turned to stone.

Actions at sight
changed me within,
surrendered to
unwanted sins.

Grown apathy
spread all around,
tilted my crown,
heart hit the ground.

It did not crack,
or even dent,
such solid rock,
became so dense.

One fateful day,
I realized,
that my own heart
was penalized.

I looked within,
found others harms,
determined to
regain my charm.

Watered my heart,
tears made it soft,
then empathy
played a great part.

Though undefined,
relaxed my mind,
my inner love
slowly aligned

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


The world I see
is not for me,
judgmental breeze,
from which I flee.

I wish for ways
to find escapes,
entrapping tape
keeps me at bay.

I long to heal
from the unreal,
new world reveals
all that I feel.

I plant a seed
wishes concede,
forces agree
to set me free.

I move and sway
a different way,
another day
does what I say

A stronger voice
offers a choice,
play like a toy
or create joy.

Happiness grew
from what I drew,
all I pursue
now becomes tru

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Always move forward.
Keep looking towards desires.
Enjoy steering life.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Three steps forward,
two steps back.
Slow but surely
kept on track.
Pushing onward,
being pulled.

Find the courage
and the strength,
laying dormant
holding faith.

Focussed intent
form glories,
new stories.

Borrow bright light
from the stars,
swallow swiftly
dissolve tar.
Ignite magic
start the fire
love transpires

Fulfilled wishes,
choose to fly,
bright warm kisses,
push them high.
Flow-through endless
turquoise hues,
a tremendous
seamless view

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Doing what she must
as ways to survive.
Smacking her own face
just to feel alive.

Numbed to all the pain,
seasoned to betrayal.
Holding her weak heart,
knowing she will fail.

Crying without tears,
she screams, no one hears,
cover her own ears,
to shelter her fears.

Falling to the ground,
with no one around,
Finds strength to stand proud,
fixes her tilted crown.

Exhales all the hell,
she had to endure,
then takes a full breath
to feel reassured.

Stands on her two feet,
her head in the air,
as her inner force,
tempts her to now dare.

Knowing deep inside
her aim can build towers.
Cradles brighter views,
embracing her power.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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