Muted voice sings in his head,
opaque lyrics go unread.
Loud blurry scenes on his mind,
imagined lines undefined.

Stardust hues form happy thoughts,
blind both eyes from wars once fought.
Comforts his head on silk sheets,
all he seeks, ego defeats.

Bright glowing beam on his face,
kiss his skin with endless grace.
Floats along, visions foreseen,
suddenly life seems serene.

Smells perfume as she arrives,
voices she hears come alive,
instantly visions feel right,
transparent thread ties them tight,.

Melts away in his deep eyes,
meets herself within his sigh.
All his soul knows, her mind sees,
turns the key so love flies free.

Together laugh day and night,
securely bask in warm light,
sharing one distinct heartbeat,
happy, whole, for once complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. I always look forward to the last stanza of your poem. It gives an inspiring message full of positivity. Loved this one as well β€οΈπŸ’πŸ™

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