Your eyes shout loud, with silent words,
making all logic seem absurd,
your clear message I have now heard.
fluttering by, like a sweet bird.

Your eyes wear hidden, unseen smiles,
a mesmerizing, aloof style.
Lost hopes and thoughts create a pile,
I analyze you for a while.

Your eyes both carry a still dance,
guiding me swiftly into a trance,
forcing my will to take a chance,
I slip and fall hitting romance.

Your eyes then make me feel at ease,
their light and wisdom turn my key,
angel wings unfold, expand free,
feathery dance within the breeze.

Your eyes give me my full control,
help me escape out of this mold,
feeling complete, finally whole,
soft lullabies play from our soul.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on April 24, 2021


Muted voice sings in his head,
opaque lyrics go unread.
Loud blurry scenes on his mind,
imagined lines undefined.

Stardust hues form happy thoughts,
blind both eyes from wars once fought.
Comforts his head on silk sheets,
all he seeks, ego defeats.

Bright glowing beam on his face,
kiss his skin with endless grace.
Floats along, visions foreseen,
suddenly life seems serene.

Smells perfume as she arrives,
voices she hears come alive,
instantly visions feel right,
transparent thread ties them tight,.

Melts away in his deep eyes,
meets herself within his sigh.
All his soul knows, her mind sees,
turns the key so love flies free.

Together laugh day and night,
securely bask in warm light,
sharing one distinct heartbeat,
happy, whole, for once complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Love is

Love is like a small speck,
of light in a puffed cloud,
awakens faith’s affects,
with a pure silent vow.
A paused drop of clear peace,
that casually falls,
distant bells in the breeze,
that answer unheard calls.

Love will move deep inside,
and make hearts yearn for more,
intrusive event ride,
that clutches at the core.
It lifts spirits up high,
until joy floats around,
to abruptly stops dry,
so all hopes hit the ground.

Love hurts and also burns,
flows lava through frail veins,
as false illusions churn,
deceit laughs at the pain.
It flutters so quickly,
to reach destiny’s edge,
then brings hearts back swiftly,
with an unspoken pledge.

Love is a lit ember,
that flickers and fades,
Drizzles chills and tremors,
melts into a tough stain.
Senses create fires,
that dissolve ingrained wit,
yet all drown in desires
to return back to it.

Love is infinite light,
felt inside of the chest,
a soft touch that feels bright,
and can pass any test.
It’s the “maybe in time”,
that chases every goal,
preservation and climb,
that sprouts within each soul.

Love is felt through insight,
and at times can be seen,
it’s the dark and the light,
and the gray in between.
Eternally travels,
throughout the universe,
it lands and unravels,
to cure earth’s dire thirst.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

My wish for you

May rainbows chase away your fears,
as sunlit skies absorb your tears.

May happiness consume your heart,
let sorrowful thoughts all depart.

May your eyes always find the truth,
while days that pass bring gifts of youth.

May judgments slip so you stand tall,
soft angel wings capture your falls.

May sweetened words cover your ears,
hope kindness guides all news you hear.

May lessons gained keep your brain smart,
bring joyful times right from the start.

May peace tuck you in every night,
so that your dreams dance in moonlight.

May wishes manifest your way,
provide best outcomes everyday.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on March 29, 2021

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