Chance Encounter

I watched her from afar,
her hair was made of gold,
it shined like a bright star,
and stole my hearts control.

He watched me from afar,
my hair was such a mess.
I tried to hide my scars,
strolled though I needed rest.

I fell under her spell,
her essence left a mark.
Much more than a fine shell,
she held an inner spark.

I felt so insecure,
by what his eyes must see.
Tried hard to feel assured,
let go and “Let it be.”

At last, I took a step,
guided by destiny.
Hoping she could be swept,
by my pure honesty.

My heartbeat seemed to grow,
as he slowly came near.
But with the first hello,
our souls traversed through years.

Flooded by memories,
of times that had stood still.
Skipping through reveries,
and climbing steep dark hills.

While holding a tight stare,
all else soon disappeared.
Nothing was ever there,
everything started here.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Inhaling each breath you exhale,
knowing our love could never fail.
A part of me lives in your eyes,
your presence makes my spirit fly.

We met each other magically,
to change our lives so drastically.
Enhanced by our diversity,
our love extends eternally.

Swimming through life, collecting facts,
while gaining proof that pile in stacks.
Flying in our own hourglass,
forming fond memories as they pass.

Feeling you there all day and night
allows me to shine a bright light.
My constant person, through all time,
a best friend, spouse, partner in crime.

Another anniversary
brings warm and happy melodies.
A perfect love, our hearts combined,
we walk through time, our hands entwined.

Our bond, difficult to describe,
a cure for love that god prescribed.
Euphoric bliss, stronger each day,
enhancing life in every way.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Love song

A nightingale
sings his songs of light,
serenading tales,
navigate her flight.

She feels his rhythm
synch to her heartbeat,
savory serum
makes her trip complete.

His lingering tone
always guides her home.
Never left alone,
even while she roams.

One darkened evening
as nerves shook and swayed,
his voice was leaving
deepest fears displayed.

How could she ever
fly a path so dim?
She let love drive her,
straight back home to him.

Rewinding his thoughts
reviewing her face,
a true lesson taught
one filled with pure grace.

Quickly embracing
then snuggling tight,
slowly exchanging
stories from that night.

“My ears could not hear,
my soul felt you near,
your song disappeared,
my path became clear,
I charged in full gear,
used love as a steer,
removed every fear,
instantly appeared.”

Happily relieved,
his full voice regained.
Their vibrations weaved
their love song retained.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Second chance

I get confused, sometimes lost,
mixed feelings anchored inside.
Negative frequently tossed,
positive most often hides.

Emotions make me afraid
of all I hide deep within.
Cutting swift, like razor blades,
exposing my self-claimed sins.

Feels so nice to be on earth,
after escaping pure hell.
Also sweet to refind love
after hope tumbled and fell.

Sang a song opened ears heard,
lit the sky, moon, and the stars.
Flew so high, became a bird,
landed swiftly with great charm.

Life became sweet and sincere,
fed on love so pure and true.
Beautiful when visions clear,
since my eyes untangled views.

If fear ever comes for me
I will conquer it again.
Holding ease, embracing peace
inner light grows to extend.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Eternal Sunshine

Erase your presence from my mind,
your smile, your laugh, frustrated sighs,
the way your glance made me feel high,
worn memories that made me cry.

Erase the promises you made,
such heartfelt words you soon betrayed,
rough arguments with tear cascades,
synchronized breaths we shared embraced.

Erase your lingered scent from me,
along with visions I still see,
remove the days that made us “we”,
so my heartache can find some ease.

Erase your love in every sense,
but true love always finds defense,
protective force is so immense,
it comes back growing more intense.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


In a vast and endless plain,
infinite as the blue sky,
lets remove imposed restrain,
allow our free souls to fly.

In an ocean dense and wide,
wider than the universe,
we create the strongest boat
so our souls can reassert.

Darkest black colored plateau,
made so dark it almost shines,
our hearts paint a loving home,
chalky white and well refined.

Letting joy fuel our drive,
end the night, avoiding time.
We will skip, then jump and dive,
dancing to loud inner chimes.

Twinkling like a bright jewel,
nothing can obstruct our view.
Build a world made of our rules,
formed to please both me and you.

As we shimmer more than stars,
winded lovers become one.
Felt devotion near and far,
sleeping soundly with the sun.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Skies were dark, gray, and cloudy,
all alone, I screamed so loudly.
Silenced ears heard sharp sounds made,
all alone, feeling insane.

Surrounded by laughing toys,
all alone, my screams deployed.
No one heard a word I said,
all alone, holding my head.

No one notices my eyes,
all alone, my screams are high.
Everyone dancing so free,
all alone, scream on my knees.

Skies were bright the sun arrived,
all alone, my screams survived.
Learning how to heal inside,
all alone, old tears ran dry.

Felt a presence, say hello,
all alone, my scream hummed low.
Instant ease feeling great care,
all alone, no longer scared.

Opened up my beating heart,
all alone, my screams depart.
Precious gift sent from above,
all alone, found inner love.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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