Love is

Love is like a small speck,
of light in a puffed cloud,
awakens faith’s affects,
with a pure silent vow.
A paused drop of clear peace,
that casually falls,
distant bells in the breeze,
that answer unheard calls.

Love will move deep inside,
and make hearts yearn for more,
intrusive event ride,
that clutches at the core.
It lifts spirits up high,
until joy floats around,
to abruptly stops dry,
so all hopes hit the ground.

Love hurts and also burns,
flows lava through frail veins,
as false illusions churn,
deceit laughs at the pain.
It flutters so quickly,
to reach destiny’s edge,
then brings hearts back swiftly,
with an unspoken pledge.

Love is a lit ember,
that flickers and fades,
Drizzles chills and tremors,
melts into a tough stain.
Senses create fires,
that dissolve ingrained wit,
yet all drown in desires
to return back to it.

Love is infinite light,
felt inside of the chest,
a soft touch that feels bright,
and can pass any test.
It’s the “maybe in time”,
that chases every goal,
preservation and climb,
that sprouts within each soul.

Love is felt through insight,
and at times can be seen,
it’s the dark and the light,
and the gray in between.
Eternally travels,
throughout the universe,
it lands and unravels,
to cure earth’s dire thirst.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. Oh wow! Grace this is brilliant… in every line a passion of images erupt. Amazing writing as always. This is on another level of excellence, if that is even possible from your excellent work. Wow! That last verse says it all: Love…can cure any thirst…even the earth’s parched crust.

      1. I always do. Sometimes it’s simply difficult for me to find the words to express how your work resonates as you continue to pop ’em out, lol. I appreciate you sharing your gift.

  2. How well you express the elusive feeling that is love, Grace! I love the image you bring to mind with the ember. So well writtenπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  3. Your words are a gift to my soul. I am grateful to be back on wordpress and to embrace the beauty that you bring here. πŸ’•

  4. This is gorgeous. Love is so powerful and though we feel it it’s often difficult to put it is words. But you did it!!! Well written Grace!!!! Loved it

  5. This is a brilliant piece of poetry, Grace! And yes, I loved your definitions of love, well depicted πŸ‘ŒπŸ’πŸ’–

  6. Love is a silhouette that creeps back and forth between the lines on sheets, a phantom sometimes whispering
    A perfect memory held in chanel and christened by cherubs encircling, a heart-shaped missing part of me
    Through the tattered and yellowing passages from bold to grey letters breach, and old wounds will still shriek
    I could taste paradise anytime I wanted to once, but a barren calamity is the only language left for me to speak
    I put up sails and tread the dawn of upcoming day shunned, it withers with years or grow into deep emerald fields sweet

    Love is….

    A kiss to the nape in a sanctuary of arms from behind with familiarity enshrined, the warmth of divinity intertwined
    These affections loose from its quiver and fired, the prize of eros ensnared and splayed my holy pride and dined
    The laughter of time that lingers on in muscle memory to a form no longer mine, the arrogance of lovers not yet to trial
    The endless cycle of spectres adorned in a spectrum beyond eyes, I court a scene that shall remain colourless and undefined
    These deep bonds like roots being pulled from their plot and sign, a gaping hole I tried to fill with any colour filled vibe

    Love is…

    Learning to love the light reaching for you through the cracks in your blinds again, sight when you’ve been blinded in the end
    Opening up and expressing even when you’re trembling and reliving it in your skin, the ugliest parts you can’t mend
    The strength it takes to begin again and widen the road when you have so many loaded in, the bravery despite mistaken trends
    Trying not to fall back in familiar ruts when these scars can open twice as big, oaths we make when we love family and friends
    Knowing how dark the lows can be and how grim the lulls can spin, overcoming this depression for a chance at myself and peace

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