Happy 10th Anniversary!

So many thoughts makes my heart sing,
on bended knee an endless ring,
you comfort me when days bring stings,
help my hopes fly, sew broken wings.

How can I express what I feel?
Sincerest love, consistent zeal,
within your arms my sorrows heal,
strong connection, forever real.

How did ten years fly in a blink?
Still make me blush with a quick wink,
true harmony, always in sync,
fatefully glued, eternal link.

How do you make my days so bright?
Offer my heart pure love and light,
transform mistakes, make all wrongs right,
shared visions bless life with foresight.

How did such opposites attract?
Powerful presence, strong impact,
the perfect match, precise, exact,
infinite knot, soul kissed contract.

No questions asked, they have no place,
I find my peace in your embrace,
kind eyes reflect glory and grace,
endlessly sealed through time and space.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A muted voice sings in your head,
the opaque words can not be read.
Loud blurry scenes live in your mind,
imagined lines left undefined.

Stardust hues create happy thoughts,
blinding both eyes from wars once fought.
Comfort your skull on silky sheets,
while all you seek is what you meet.

A glowing beam sets on your face,
shining your skin each waking day.
Sliding on rafts through streams foreseen,
living so posh, feeling so clean.

Melting my face in your deep eyes,
I meet myself, what a surprise.
All that I know, at once I see,
finding the key that lives in me.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published March 22, 2021


You shared your warm light,
when I stood alone,
embraced me so tight,
then swallowed me whole.

I laid in your heart,
then made it my home,
made sorrows depart,
cleared fears with a comb.

We traveled through space,
a journey through time.
Lived life at our pace,
filled with joyous chimes.

You cradled my hands,
whispered all you felt,
Forever we stand,
together we melt.

We lived through adventures,
I peeked through your eyes.
became your thirst quencher,
embraced we flew high.

Exposed deep dark thoughts,
then laughed till we cried.
as lessons were taught,
made life our fun ride.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Showered with Love

Through comet storms and shooting stars,
forever strong , never depart.
Walk in the dark, still hand in hand,
forever firm, together stand.

One solid tree, a hopeful sign,
forever whole, souls intertwine.
United in this endless race,
forever love well interlaced.

Inclement weather serves as glue,
forever real, always so true.
Natural blessings fulfill needs,
forever fair, pure hearts succeed.

Wishes cascade upon us both,
forever sure, infinite oath.
Shiny intentions make life right,
forever bright constant delight.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What Do You See # 182 April 17, 2023


Enter a dance,
a hidden trance,
burns through my stance,
knots form romance.

A touch so deep
instantly seeps.
Float to then leap,
finally reap.

Peels through my skin,
clears every sin.
At last, a win,
infinite spin.

No longer wrong,
always belong.
Love soars so strong,
whispers a song.

Forbidden clues
led to grand views,
carried peace too,
daydreams came true.

Unfold warm wings
soul pulls heartstrings,
together cling
as one we fling.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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