Miracle worker
utstanding best friend
houghtful observer
ands create and mend
ager to nurture
adiance extends

Peacefully present
emarkable strength
penly pleasant
ibrating with depth
nfinite essence
rive that goes the length
ndearing presence
afety in each breath

Willing to be there
lways on my side
ampant with great care
agically guides

Calming from within
pen hearted shine
agnetic with wins
antastic design
Optimism spins
ighteous and divine
rue love seeps through skin
Smile feels like sunshine

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Gestures of Love

A feeling arose deep inside,
excitement her face would not hide,
she could not help but smile so wide,
anticipation was her guide.

All senses heightened and aware,
followed the zest within the air,
walked out the door without a care,
she found a note just waiting there.

“I have looked forward to this day,
a huge surprise is on the way,
the one you love is here to stay,
meet me at our beloved cafe.”

Her heart was escaping her chest,
she did not know what to expect,
ascending up those concrete steps,
red tulips placed to interject.

Awe held her still, kept her in place,
the warmest lips then kissed her face,
they interlocked in an embrace,
filled with love, light, joy, and bright grace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #127 March 28, 2022

Common Path

I look at you,
you look at me,
no longer two,
finally free.
We share a view,
and hold the key,
no longer blue,
both our eyes see.
A love so true,
highest degree,
made to pursue,

You looked at me,
I looked at you,
finally free,
no longer two.
Holding the key,
to a shared view,
eyes clear to see,
no longer blue.
Highest degree,
a love so true,
we will pursue.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Contagious Glee

Will play the fool
to see you smirk.
Try to look cool,
act like a jerk.
Skip days of school,
call out from work.
Break petty rules,
create new quirks.

Will jump through hoops,
to make you smile.
Entertain groups,
resolve all trials.
Run endless loops,
infinite miles.
Serve ice cream scoops,
desserts will pile.

Will go great lengths
for your chuckle.
Prove such great strength,
crack my knuckles.
Fake my own death
without struggle.
Hold a deep breath
till I buckle.

Will do most things
to make you laugh.
Jump through flame rings,
on your behalf.
Let loud jokes fling,
humorous craft.
Make night stars bling,
let joys attach.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Counting down the hours
till you say goodbye.
Like a withered flower,
feeling cold and dry.
Sweet thoughts become sour,
good memories die.
Visions hold such powers
deep within sad eyes.
Tears transform to showers,
clearing clouds inside.
Pride stands like a tower,
weaknesses all hide.

Counting down the seconds
until you arrive.
Thanking deep connection
that our hearts survived.
Angels up in heaven
help intentions thrive,
giving us direction
so that love can drive.
Absorbing affection
that light beams provide.
Pieces of perfection,
forever alive.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Steady Valentine

Cupid’s kiss greets me each morning,
trivial thoughts still soundly snoring,
fears cascade, no scars or scorning,
love filled eyes always adoring.

Each sunrise a joy that lingers,
grasp it tight with every finger,
spreading warmth with unseen slingers,
provides bliss positive bringer.

Floral gifts can be so pleasing,
but prefer a heartfelt squeezing,
discomforts instantly healing,
absorbing calm hues while breathing.

Valentine’s day is amazing,
everyday is also blazing,
celebrate by always praising,
connections that lead to brazing.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

So long

What used to be
lives in your eyes,
a tarnished key
holds all demise.
Yesterdays dream
lets out a sigh,
a silent scream
mutes inner cries.

Blink away tears
that smudge all gain,
erase old fears
that carry pain.
Cover both ears
feeling insane,
feel sorrow near
on this torn lane.

A time that passed
new lessons learned,
heartbeats are slashed
emotions burned.
Wishes have crashed
intentions turned,
forgiveness splashed
true love is earned.

Grateful for times
that brought me light,
pushed my steep climbs
warmed up my nights.
Secured my prime
made all wrongs right,
memories chime
my soul shines bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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