New View

A thousand tears are shed and done.
A thousand ghosts swim in sad ponds.
A thousand dreams that slowly fade.
A thousand souls go on their way.

The wasted laughs that could have been.
The wasted time regretting sins.
The wasted anger filled with pride.
The wasted thoughts recalling lies.

Another sun chases the gray.
Another moon closing the day.
Another problem gets resolved.
Another question is dissolved.

A thousand wishes that came true.
A thousand joys have erased blues.
A thousand laughs flutter so high.
A thousand hopes set free to fly.

The gain in expecting the new.
The gain in finding brighter views.
The gain in trusting the mind’s eye.
The gain in knowing souls don’t die.

Another chance for joy to climb.
Another dance transcending time.
Another prance towards pure light.
Another glance makes life so bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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