I am the lessons I have learned,
the cool aloe that covers burns.
I am the songs I hear replay,
creator of my waking days.

I am the breeze that travels time,
made up of bright memory chimes.
I am the the start and end of life,
the strength that pulls through grief and strife.

I am loyal forever true,
an inner spice with peaceful hues.
I am of flaws and great mistakes,
decipher truths, discard the fake.

I am the one that gives a hand,
empathizing to understand.
I am present when life gets rough,
at times fragile but always tough.

I am a child, mother, wife, friend,
devoted love without an end.
I am a healer with insight,
guided by higher powered light.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. I learned lessons from you.
    Its all true.
    You dont have a clue.
    This poem brings out the best in you.
    This poem reflects what the heart sees.
    Her hearts majestic sceneries.

    Just something small to compliment your great work.

  2. You are everything good that you learned from the lessons that life gave you and that is very good because they make you a good and better person.
    Reflective letters you share with us today, friend Grace.
    Hugs from afar.

  3. This is beautiful and powerful writing and it is so great that you came up with these lines. I feel as if these lines portray your inner peace and strength. Kudos to you! 😊

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