Accepting you
I gain myself,
reflections teach
us to impel.

Eight billion hearts
can beat as one,
the rising Sun.

All eyes that see
have different views,
impress true self,
so guilts remove.

Empathy tugs,
though always there,
a vacant stare.

Give what I can,
then help some more,
not for a pat,
or to gain scores.

Do it for one
as much as two,
every smile spreads
positive hues.

Feel ever blessed
for being kind,
shut both my lips,
open my mind.

Do not condemn
those still in queue,
within their path
they will find truth.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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  1. What a beautiful piece, my dear Grace! So melodic and deeply heart touching on many levels. You just deliver magic every single day!!! Keep up the fantastic work 🖤🤗

  2. Such a lovely piece, Grace! So many amazing and uplifting lines in there. This is truly what the world needs right now. Such positive thoughts, really loved it ❤

  3. “Every smile spreads positive hues.” Isn’t that a wholesome feeling! Lovely poem! Beautiful and uplifting. In their paths they will find truth is a very powerful and wise saying. Loved it! 💕

  4. This piece reminds me of the value of connection, growth and open mindedness. How we can do more together, than apart. It’s an important reminder I wish to have echo again and again.

    Sometimes people forget.

    Thank you for sharing your talent ✨it brings inner joy.

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